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I told them i was a Muslim Syrian refugee and that gays need to be separated from society and thrown from buildings, and if they disagreed they're islamophobic

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You know, they've probably gotten that exact complaint a thousand times, legitimately.

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The Prophet (pbuh) stated gays should be thrown from buildings.

Make it look real, yo.

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Done, commented "THERE ARE ONLY 2 GENDERS" in every comment box

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I speak English. Can I take it too?

[–] larryhuston 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

Yes, I just did.

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I did too. Did you know I have a Doctorate in Gender Studies? No? Well, neither did I.

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I'm feeling like a little girl today, can I play with your young daughters?

Edit: Shit, I should have given myself some diversity points by identifying as a brown Islamic transwoman. Now my answers will be automatically filtered.

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well if I get a knock on the door in a week it was fun lads haha.

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Done. MUahahahahahaaaa 2 genders.

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aww I really liked Identifying as a Jedi Attack Helicopter.

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That was fun

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I gave them the absolute truth - including the term "degenerate - sychophants" used in proper proportions.

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I rambled a bit, it is insane that this even is a thing. They literally want to have gender dismorphic mentally ill men dressed as women going into bathrooms and changing rooms where little girls go. I want kill these people by shoving an ice pick into their brains.

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