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Well...when she does finally retire from Tennis, she can likely still make alot of money in Las Vegas offering Dominatrix Services! For example, just think of all those rich Asian Businessmen lining up on VaCa to experience a 'pain and pleasure session' from this huge muscular big black sheboon! (...picture some 5'6" Jap Businessman in his underpants, tied-up to a "X crossarm' and Serena Williams in full Black Leather Dom Outfit WHACKING him on his skinny little jap butt with a tennis racquet for $900-Hr)


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what the fuck did I just read? You need Jesus


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It was meant to be 'extreme satire/humor'. ;)

ps: Jesus', Paco, Rafael and Miguel Landscape my lawn & property 3x per year. An they do a darn good job too! :) :)


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