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Am I the only one thinking about mike tyson every time I see her?


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She really is fucking ugly isnt she.

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Well she isn't super feminine to begin with, she looks like mike tyson already, I mean look http://cdn1.thr.com/sites/default/files/2016/08/serena_williams_serena_doc_getty_h_2016.jpg fuck, she looks like a dude and her name could very well be mike it would fit 100%


Fuck, looks like a freaking silver back jumping on a jetski

Anyway, at equivalent technical level, in a lot of sports, it's the physical condition that ultimately makes the difference, blunt force mostly, you can add stamina and speed and accuracy or reach... But blunt force, in the case of boxing for instance if the two opponents hit each others at the same time, with right hook each for instance, well blunt force, even in judo, and when it comes to it, speed aside, you have 2 factors essentially, at equal weight, muscle and bone density, and she has that like she really is much tougher than any of her opponents, when she hits the ball it delivers, it's the goro of tennis basically http://www.fightersgeneration.com/characters/goroclassic.png

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it's a tranny literally

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"She" ... that's a man

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At least Mike isn't pretending to be a female.

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And the co-founder of Reddit is forced to suck her roid penis. She even got the cuck to impregnate her to have a fuck pale gorilla-looking kid called "Olympia".

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Though unlike in this image, the opponent wasn't a blonde and white but rather black and asian. She must have been well aware of that because for some reason she played the sexism card rather than the racism card.

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She reminded me how unnatractive black+Asian is.

[–] Le_Squish 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

I'm a filthy mullato and I tend to agree. Black and south asian seems to work okay but black and north asian is generally a disaster.

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Terrible combination.

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I call those Kinder Surprises.

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She also reminded me how naive our women can be.

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But the opponent was also a woman.

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she means that men apparently get away with abusing the refs in the same manner she did, so it must be sexism. Not the fact that she's a disgusting repulsive gorilla creature.

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No, will accuse her of being a Thai Tranny that grew up in royal english household, and got a spray tan. NyTimes will air story on Tuesday,

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And fugly too.

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Still less manly than Michelle Obama.

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Both trannies, right?

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jury is out, it may be a natural transformative process with this species

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It's a game. You win some and lose some. In her profession she should have learned that by now. Its just pathetic.

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Serena Williams she's a 'Roid muching Doper Drug addicted cheat who threatens violence on people https://twitter.com/BenRothenberg/status/972065122045845504 shes a disgrace to the United States http://tennishasasteroidproblem.blogspot.com/

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Look at the sheboons in the comments worshipping her.

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Friendly reminder that sheboons have more testosterone than Asian males.

Same species, goyim.

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That pacifier. Anyone old enough to remember when blacks ran around sucking on them and baby bottles? Because it was "sexy".

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I still see full grown sheboons suck their thumbs.

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ha! I remember that shit was mid 90's ish

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Dey praticin dey dik suk.. Is exactly what I was told when I asked why that black woman was sucking on a baby bottle.. Yep mid 90ish is about right.

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Fucking niggers. The world would be a much better place without them.

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But the world wouldn't be as diverse without them.

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Neat. How do we achieve this?

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I just remembered she is married to reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

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Imagine being married to a roided out sheboon.

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