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Slow down man. You need time to grieve, lots of time. And support, you need support not drugs. So sorry to read about your wife, my condolence.

What the fuck is wrong with your mother? Dude, you gotta distance yourself from her, it sounds like she has mental issues.

Again, take it slow, take everything real slow. Don’t be afraid to cry, it might help, might not.

The pain you feel will not go away with pills, it remains just under the surface of your consciousness.

Like a crutch when your leg is broken, pills can help you get through the tough parts.

You sound like you know what you’re doing.

Stay well.

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Dude, you gotta distance yourself from her, it sounds like she has mental issues.

Agreed but I wanted to add that OP doesn't need some kind of real woman in his life. Live with your in-laws for a bit if that helps you get on your feet and away from your mom but make it temporary in your mind. Before long, it'll be women who will need you in their lives.

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Please don't encourage this. He would absolutely get arrested.

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I would think a simple wake the fuck up bitch slap would be more appropriate.

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Whatever happens, don't let those cocksuckers murder you with drugs, they didn't even hesitate and they know the dangers so they're definitely trying to. Opioids = 'hurry up and stop being a problem'

Considering that Therapist you have jumped to them so fast means that any '''''therapy'''' you might have been walked through was definitely fake useless bullshit so they could make the excuse of the drugs, they might even try to force it on you saying that your previous sessions is 'proof that you need relief' or some crap like that.

I hope living with your mother in law is better.

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Opioids for grieving? What the fuck is that doctor thinking

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Pretty much what fucking doctors do now. I have had multiple doctors try to push opioids and antipsychotic drugs on me for insomnia.

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I know the idea of taking an antipsychotic when you're not psychotic sounds, well, psychotic, but I've had chronic insomnia for over twenty years and I started taking one and it quite literally changed my life. The only change in my mental state was that I started feeling like a human being again because I was getting regular sleep. Not telling you what to do, but it worked for me big time. I'm on Quetipine. I went off it for several months out of curiosity and the only change was not sleeping again, not worse then before, back to the same as before I was on it, no mood difference or anything.

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Not to mention, they destroy the kidneys which drives black market organ trafficking.

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Stay off the drugs. You'll just feel worse longer. I'll pray for you.

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Don’t ever trust (((Big Pharma))) or doctors. Please, for the love of God, throw those opioid pills away ASAP, OP. What you need is emotional support and we’re all here for you, brother. You need to resolve this pain naturally (on your own - without gaining dependency on drugs) for the sake of your future health.

Also, cut your mother off for now. Her toxicity is leaving an even bigger scar. You don’t need that shit right now.

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100% stay off them. I'll do the same. Try going to an empty church, not during mass. to pray and reflect and have quite time. or do that alone by a lake, or the forest. just calm your mind.

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Meditation. Run off to the countryside and stay at a bed and breakfast. Go for long drives, eat at a local diner in a small town and stare out into a lake, river or mountain valley. During troubled times, get away from civilization.

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Opioids for grief? There is absolutely no reason for that, that's the same as a doctor telling you heroin is the solution to grief. See another doctor and get rid of the pills, all they'll do is delay the pain. Better to face it sober than to do so years down the line when you're also dealing with a life destroying addiction.

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First, my condolences. I hope there are no children involved. Having to deal with grieving is bad enough. Second, get away from your mother. She sounds like a very unhealthy person who wants others to be miserable like her. Third, stay away from the drugs. They will only hold you back. Exercise instead. I would suggest weight training but really anything will suffice in this situation. Besides grieving and crying, it will be very helpful in ways to release tension and anxiety. Your idea of hobbies will be an excellent addition to this. Focus on your health and your mental health will improve along with it. I wish you well, brother. If I can be of assistance in any way let me know.

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That opioid shit isnt worth it.

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Your Mom

Holy shit. Go, go stay with your MIL.

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