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Believe in winning at Sportsball, even if that means sacrificing everything.

[–] OhRutherfordBehave [S] 6 points 11 points (+17|-6) ago 

I won in sportsball, therefore I can dictate societal policy.

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So what shall we do in first order, o great magnificent dictator?

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Open borders for israel JewYorkTimes ! knock that wall and make them israeli take 6 millions Pakis, Congoids, Albanians, Iranians, Niger types, Arabs, Mexicans, Somali, Street Shitting Indians....the Jew State should be turned into a brown, violent, mystery meat shithole, bigots.

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haitian father jap mother

I think I'm going to be sick

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Sounds like a rape baby to me.

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Japs killed all the American nigger rape babies after ww 2 just sad they allow shit like that to be happening nowadays.

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Haitian? You mean nigger? Because 95% are africans there.

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The mother must really hate herself.

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Damn Westerners, the Far East does not want your disgusting "diversity is strength" cult-like ideology. They had more respect for you when you were not part of the mulitcult. But now you became the example they should avoid. They will rise up and stomp on the same brown people you wasted your time to help with.

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Map check: Isreal is not Western country.

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I knew they'd be gunning for this when it won.

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Who won because the other nigra decided to chimp out. Which begs the question: WHO FUCKING CARES

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But can the Haitians build a car stereo? Or an earthquake resistant building?

Perhaps Haitians should consider importing some more industrious races to mix with.

Either way, the Kikes running the NYT aren't good at building things, only tearing down institutions for their own profit.

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Anyone who wants to get africanized and end up with the too well known ever lasting "diversity" problems plaguing europe or the us is profoundly retarded

Edit: And don't start me on pakis and other variety niggers

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Well, the problems get ignored by white people a lot. Obviously the US has a homicide problem because of niggers.

But you know what whites did to avoid talking about the diversity problem? They blamed guns! Anything to ignore the problem.

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As I said earlier in a different topic, it's often difficult to convince people that got scammed that they indeed got scammed, mostly because nobody likes to look like an idiot, so they insist that they didn't get scammed, denial

Eventually they get through the 5 stages of grief, Denial – Anger – Bargaining – Depression – Acceptance –, sort of, and finally accept the reality, that they got scammed, that there's no nigerian prince, that the money is gone poof it's all gone, and that nothing but problems will come out of that story

That's what europeans, and americans are slowly but surely realizing, at some point it's only going to be just as obvious as water is wet for the majority of them, they got nothing out of it but the same ever growing problems, that aren't going to go away, ever

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Can't these global miscegenationists shut the fuck already?

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