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...and of course, the video will be widely distributed--AFTER it's selectively edited to make it look like the evil cheerleader "Becky" attacked the poor, innocent sheboon....

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When white people win a fight, it's a "hate crime". When niggers win a fight, it's "defending themselves from racist brutality".

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They'll leave out the first 15 seconds, the part where the cheerleader is making it very clear that she doesn't want to fight, she doesn't want to argue, and she just wants to be left alone to run their little donation table or w/e that is.

They'll cut it so it begins just as that right hand landed flush and dropped the 'boon to her knees. It's a perfect propaganda photo- here's Becky, the popular, pretty White cheerleader that everyone likes, and there's Shawnateequanda- fat, dumpy, disgusting, on her knees as she's being viciously brutalized by that privileged mean ol' White girl.

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sheeezboon wuz goud gurl, Dindu Nuffins!

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Such a shame beautiful blond aryan women have to mingle with mindless apes in schools which they do not belong in in the first place

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They will never be as good as us.

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Of course not, they are an inferior species that makes claims of "muhhhhh dikkk" as a personal achievement.

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Why are you comparing THEM to US? They aren't even in the same category to be compared to us.

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Wife material.

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Careful, migrants might take that literally.

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Except I think she might be a coalburner.

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This video should protect the nice cheerleader from legal repercussions- however, schools have retarded policies when it comes to fighting. They use a "nigger rule set" for fighting- both combatants will be punished, regardless of who provoked the altercation. This makes sense in nigger schools, where the likelihood that either combatant was an "innocent victim" is spectacularly low.

In White schools, though? A kid shouldn't be punished for defending themselves and standing up for themselves, because there's a good chance that it wasn't mutual combat, and one kid pushed another until they finally retaliated.

Bring back segregation please. For Becky the cheerleader's sake.

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I have always joked about that no tolerance policy.

What is the fastest way to get a valedictorian suspended? Punch them in the face between classes.

I say it in joking but with how schools work it is as sad as it is funny because it is true.

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Well, I suppose I've seen enough of this video, but, geez --- gotta love that skull-to-the-concrete moment.

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From the article:

While violence is not the answer to any situation

This video is a perfect example of how it was the answer. That sheboon got the message.

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Violence is the answer to many situations, none of them are good situation to be in. Even situations where violence isn't a good answer, it is still an answer. For example "can you help me get something off the bottom shelf?" break knee with bat, now they can get to the bottom shelf easily; see violence would not be a good or even reasonable answer but it did answer the question.

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Anyone else notice the the sound of the chimps instinctually cacawing?

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Every damn time.

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