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Lol, suddenly 100,000 swedes changes their minds and voted for the far left "bring in piles of niggers" party.

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100% this is to steal the election. There is no other explanation that makes sense

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Same thoughts here

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If they're that indecisive they shouldn't be voting

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That's like the majority of women voters right?

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World's first full feminist government.

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The sole purpose of this story is to provide cover for massive voter fraud.

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ding ding ding!

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Sweden...take up arms already. Or were the Germans the only one who ever could fight? And now that they are gone everyone else just lays down?

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WTF kind of bullshit election? not that i agree with violence...something seems corrupt

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I guess your vote in Sweden is not anonymous?

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No. When you enter the building where you vote, you stand in a long line of people. At the front is a table with several ballots are placed, one for each party. Every single person behind you can see what ballot you take. And if you take them all to "hide" your vote, people can still figure out that you're gonna vote on something controversial, like slowing the mass invasion by a tiny fraction.

Swedish "democracy" is a joke, and it changes nothing no matter what you vote. All parties are for continued replacement of the Swedes.

This will 100% result in a civil war, probably with the crash of the housingmarket as a catalyst very soon. The swedish currency (crowns/krona) is already the fastest dropping one in all of the modern countries on earth.

E: and if you vote via mail before the election, they know exactly what you voted (hence why it is possible to change)

On the currency:

Lax monetary policy and disruptive elections have made Sweden’s the worst performing among the most heavily traded currencies in the world

Negative interest rates and fractures in one of the world’s most stable political systems have made 2018 an unhappy year for Sweden’s currency.

Down 10% against the dollar, the krona has fallen more than any other developed-market currency. Among the 10 most heavily traded currencies in the world, it has undershot even China’s yuan—itself under pressure from the trade conflict with the U.S.—and the U.K.’s Brexit-bruised pound.

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The jew is like nature, it always finds a way.

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How do you change your anonymous vote?

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it isnt anonymous

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With Voter ID

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Its give them a chance to "equalize" the playing field to say the least. Now everyone can vote for their favorite leftist and rightist and get the "best of Both worlds" effect. This is just a tactic by the establishment to keep the right wing out.

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