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Took two years to collate the data apparently.

I think the phrase "It's okay to notice" is a good one and could really redpill normies. For those who want to print it out, there's a white background version, and a stupid high resolution of 10,240 x 6702 here: https://imgbox.com/w9D44wGb (light version, dark version here)

If anyone wants to see the sources used for the stats, you can see them in the Google Spreadsheet link shown in the image, or alternatively as a giant 1800 x 41,000 pixel image here: http://imgbox.com/joSdCi8d

Glancing for a good few minutes, all sources look authoritative and good to my eyes.

Also the 'master table' with all the data as raw numbers is here (and in the original spreadsheet): https://images2.imgbox.com/32/d4/oARrdEFC_o.png

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This is very sad. Thank you for noticing and thank you for sharing.

Here are two relevant images from a related post.


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it's not sad, it was sad. Now that the problem has been identified things are looking up.

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I don't visit the boards, but maybe someone can post the idea to 8 or half chan to get the meme rolling like they did for the "it's okay to be white" campaign.

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Brilliant work,fukken saved!

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I'm getting my vasectomy reversed.

Gotta do my part.

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Good for you. I presume this wasn't the metaphorical straw which broke the camel's back and that you've been considering it for a while.

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It might be centuries before it flips back unless there is a huge mass killing like a world race war

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How much of an effect did the two world wars prior to 1950 have on the white population? Is there sufficient data to make a chart from pre 1900-1940, for comparison?

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Data going back that far is hard to come by apparently. The full table (which has a little more data than the graph) is here for your delectation: https://images2.imgbox.com/32/d4/oARrdEFC_o.png

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Noticing is good. And if we make it through this shit, remember not to forget.