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Okay, we get it that the Jews for some reason are very anti-Western and more prone than Westerners in joining Islamic extremist groups. We know they have supported "moderate" rebels, Al-Nusra, and even ISIS in Syria. Israel is the worst at this, because they are able to cloak a lot of it and often times support and give aid to certain sleeper cells in such a manner they get them to their destination or make someone, like Assad, in the case of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawai look responsible for terrorist attacks and creating terrorist groups. This is besides the point though.

The point is how bad it is on the polar end of the spectrum, and if it is very bad how does one deal with it accordingly, without running into all kinds of logical fallacies, misidentifying, and misrepresenting them. They work behind many different fronts and have many different fronts and have many different facades, but ultimately the real problem always seems to be multi-culturalism, feminism, Communism, or even Islam, when in fact it ties back into one thing my friends and that is Zionism.

There is nothing worse than it no matter how good it gets and how nice it looks, because its vapid and directed towards dropping our society and economy down the shoot, so they can empower themselves and establish their variety of money-cults and the like. They do a good job at distributing, a good job of spreading themselves out, and a good job of appearing progressive, but in the end game its all part of one great money and power cult, which ties back into the Zionist Brotherhood.

They must be done in and they are so entrenched that only a cataclysmic event would drive them from power and we can't quite afford that for obvious reasons, since we are in a difficult situation, but is that enough of a reason? I think here is the problem what do we do since this polar sphere of Jews joining, supporting, and leading Islamic terrorism and their stranglehold over the West-Europe. I think the ultimate answer is easy, we give them option but to head towards Africa, or at best we force them into a corner and say well we can set up Jewish states in Baja California, Hawaii, and the Mariana/Guam Islands, which is what I prefer at the moment.

Israel has caused us too much problem to be worth dealing with. Split it up between Lebanon, Syria, and Palestinians and let them share the land. Keep good terms with the Jordanians and use them to leverage over the Saudis. That will create a new and positive balance of power in the Middle-East.

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The timestamp for fucks sake

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They would all have been murdered eventually anyway, just too stupid to realize it.