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John Moses Browning did 1911!

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That's about all, peace out.

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Fun fact, a guy who writes for my local paper was pretty much directly hired from 7-11. He had long hair, was a metalhead, and pretty much the last person I'd ever expect to work at a newspaper. He wrote some stupid fucking article and I called him out, told everyone in the comments section he pretty much worked at 7-11 six months ago. He removed the comment and got me banned, ROFLMAO.

The paper is so broke now he pretty much runs the whole thing now, in three cities. I have doubts he makes much more than he did at 7-11.

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pretty much.

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Take your c-c-c-combo faggotry back to reddit

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this needs to be posted at Chokecocks Spamhammer not here.

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This subverse is a catch-all subverse. If you don't want to classify your submission or don't care about where it belongs, post it here. Anything goes.

Explain to the folks at home what ‘Anything goes’ means.

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Unless you're from Eritrea. That's all I ever see working at 7-11s in the major city i live near. Like they came here without a skill or training of any kind whatsoever.

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Foreigners get special loans Americans don't get to help them start businesses.

Then they hire their compatriots.

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