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The first second they announced wtc7 fell all by itself, and that they found the terrorists passports in the street among the rubble I knew something was fucked up.

They had those stories ready to go.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the passport was found on the sidewalk before the building fell. Because that is what I would be worried about, after a plane just crashed into a building, and whoa, another one, too!

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They claimed to have recovered 4 passports.

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They found a passport blocks away "if you can believe that"


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Israel did 9/11

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Agreed, and for you people that think trump is anything but a zio puppet on the subject of 9/11

Donald Trump, 9/11, CASE CLOSED

One of the best documentaries I've seen on the subject

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It was actually obvious, even then, to anyone with an IQ over 110. I sometimes think that's part of the overall plan. Everyone smart sees how things are controlled, so we STFU about what's going on.

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Definitely and when it happened I was a little shit head and didn't give it much thought. I'm also thankful people were persistent on not letting that days events fade into obscurity and putting it back in the limelight especially producing such good documentaries like the one I mentioned. Also another great documentary I'd strongly suggest that's not to do with 9/11 but certain (((forces))) implementing "cultural marxism" and destroying Western European Civilization is "Communism by the back door" again also free on jewtube.

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ya I was much younger and not even red pilled then and I never once for a second believed all of that shit. I was watching the mainstream news constantly after it happened for a while and I never really knew what was going on but most people suspected it was to get oil back then. When Building #7 went down I knew shit was fucked, I kept saying that's not even possible what in the fuck and I never thought that those skyscrapers should have collapsed like that either, I always thought they were all controlled demolitions. Now we know the Saudi's were involved and Iraq had nothing to do with it.

I remember the MSM vividly, once they had this guy on there, was just supposed to be a random regular everyday guy and he said "I don't mind giving up liberties if it keeps us safe" and I was like "fuck that shit, we shouldn't be giving up shit" But that guy sticks out in my mind, I've tried finding that video but I can't. Also all of the "CODE ORANGE, CODE ORANGE" all of the time on the news had me very suspicious as well.

We need truth and justice on this NOW.

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It was an inside job, because Israel and its owners also control the US.

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Lawyers Petition for 9/11 Grand Jury : The Corbett Report https://www.corbettreport.com/interview-1383-lawyers-petition-for-9-11-grand-jury/

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I'm sure most people here have done so, but the more documentaries you watch on this one day, the more evidence you see that it was indeed all bullshit. All of the stuff surrounding Larry Silverstein...just one man, is enough to sink the entire 'official' narrative on its own.

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Are they still looking for the planes black boxes ?

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