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You reap what you sow.

A lot of women in our generation will be in the same spot, with the difference that they won't have any money, and they will be targets once they can't afford to flee the shitty diversity they worked so hard to push on everyone.

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Tyrone will come back

It's a love story

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Come on now, Tyrone only wants to f**k your wife!!...

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It's too late for your Aunt, all she can truly be is a warning sign, I think the downfall came when they allowed greed to take off and for it to be 2 as couples that would needed to work, both man and woman working to bring home the bread...then they are divorced, old, childless and (((lawyers))) making shekels from the infighting. Before it used to be just old men doing the sex tourism thing in Brazil, Thailand now 25%-35% of it is women paying for dicks in the Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, India, Turkey you name it they will find a way to collect the STD even in their old age. Anyways as for drowning their sorrows, I guess your Aunts must have some of that old Scottish Polish Irish Russian DNA in them, I am amazed at the levels of alcohol abuse some peoples endure, I guess it is a testament to the strength of even an old human body. Australia has also changed, Aussie glorify binge drinking now political elite want open borders like morons in America. As for drunks there will always be drunk people Betty Ford, Hemmingway, Buzz Aldrin and actor Leonard Nimoy were famous drunks but even functional drunks founds ways to make a family. Being part of a political dead end "movement" is one way to set yourself on the wrong path. In Sweden the old Blonde Mudshark Women women were reported to Police for Sexually Abusing Refugees.

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"Dead End Movement" is exactly what it is. Women aren't programmed to be loyal as much as males are. They're often not loyal to their race or country because they are programmed to be able to drop a guy as a loss and move on to what they view as the most suitable mate. This instinct is played on and exaggerated by a lot of the brainwashing we see out there. It really hits home with ladies. But what are they going to do once the mistake has been made? By the time they realize it then it's too late to have kids. Then they realize they've taken part in the destruction of their own country and race and so fuck it "all those white men are just racist anyways" and after all they're "helping the poor people of the world by allowing them to come there".. no illegal humans and all that right? Throw in some STDs, obesity, Rx drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol and that is why you see them just go full force into the 'movement' and we're seeing Western women now celebrate the death of their own countries and race. What do they do when they're raped, gang raped or beaten? No one cares. They quickly find out they don't have a voice when the minorities or immigrants they championed treat them like the people they actually are.

I've seen these moms here in the U.S. have multiple black kids, not even have a clue who the dad is because most of them got knocked up in a gang bang high on drugs, just get money by non-profits and the government thrown at them. They get free college, free cars, free housing, free food, free medical for them and the bastards, free cell phone, free laptop, and roll around fat as sows with their nails all done, dressed like a high dollar whore and the VENOM they have towards white, hard working men is unreal. Their attitudes are awful and they often date drug dealers. Their kids are usually annoying as fuck, raised by the education system and these women are almost always horrible mothers. They trot around their usually fat, stupid kids, scream and yell and every moment of the day is about them forcing other people to pay attention to them and their little pig monsters. They'll use up all the welfare, free school and eventually get some government job where they don't do shit and then talk all day about how tough they have it.. boo hoo.. all that.. working single mom. The worst part, they hate their own people, especially white men and no one respects them. No men respect them. Even the ones that work are off and on drugs and almost always on Rx drugs. Their kids and their fucking families are a mess. They are ego maniacs, bossy, and generally tough to be around. It's just greasy all the way around. Even living around these angry pigs is a burden.

All we'd have to do is cut funding to all these ridiculous, worthless degrees and make them work, cut some of that child support, cut some of that funding for these non profits. You'd see these women LINING UP for hard working men again, really, really fast, within a week of that happening. They'd be on their knees, hands out looking for a dick to suck if it meant food and a place to live.

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I think this reply ended up in the wrong place ;)

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The big difference is that single white girls have mixed babies this generation. But that's likely going to just make it even more tragic, because the dynamics of that are not well known. But we can look at known aspects. We already know that single moms are a force of destruction on a child; more criminal, more mental illness, more sexually dysfunctional, drug abuse, etc.. Mixed race children have community isolation issues and are frequently bullied. Then we can add in the fact that blacks are naturally more violent and less intelligent.

So while they have a child (typically just the 1), it is likely that child dies in their adolescence when the mom is approaching 40 and menopause. Cause of death might be gang violence, suicide (trans or normal), drug overdose, reckless behaviour. If not dead, there is a very high chance that the child ends up in revolving door prison system. So while they might have a legacy, that legacy will be one of failure and tragedy.

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jews did this to them

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E Michael Jones tells a story of a career lawyer weeping about how she gave her entire life to this law firm and now she's in her 50's and has nothing.

This is the ultimate end of Liberalism... being a cog in the machine instead of a human being.

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where was that? one of his books, online?

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Sorry, I was incorrect. It was Myth of the 20th Century podcast.

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Was in an interview, I belive on Tim Kelly's podcast.

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The reason they travel is so they can get dicked down by broke young foreign men and then come home under the illusion that they won't feel bad or ashamed because their peers at home don't know what they did. It's the single upper-middle class condo-living woman's version of rich ladies getting fucked by the pool boy or the stable boy

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True. Sangy pangies is what they call the male hookers in the Caribbean, I believe.

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While I agree women should have children, your whole part about "frequent trips around the world" and "more money than they know what to do wtih" doesn't make it sound like they have it too bad.

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What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, at the loss of his eternal soul?

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Wow. This was lovely. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Edit- I had to google this, and apparently it's from Mark 8:36... good words

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Did you just assume their genders!?!?

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We won't have eternal soul technology until ancapistan Antech Expansion pack

Brain and DNa cloud perpetual backup services kek

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That's actually the real redpill for people. There are many things that sound appealing to a 22 year old about this lifestyle but the reality is empty and disappointing. These women all knew this might be the case during their 30's but they made the wrong choice.

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Something I figured out pretty early on. Just sat down and asked myself what I would do if I had a shit load of money. Couldn't really think of anything meaningful because I can't buy the best things in the world.

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Its empty fulfillment, its all for nothing, not one bit of that experience will pass to the next generation.

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They don't even have anyone to pass it on to, so what can they do but try to spend it all! But society tells us THAT should make us happy. Hence their confusion.

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I agree, I feel it's a shame when I hear of those individuals who haven't travelled. My heart falls even further when I realize that there are places that just 10, 20 years ago were exciting location to visit, that today are literal war zones to travel to. Places like Paris, France have Asian women visiting only to have them faint at the sight before them and they are rushed to a nearby French hospital to be treated... by a muslim doctor. At which point they dont faint but instead melt into a coma of depression. Never to be woken from :(

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Yeah, I saw Paris 20 years ago. I would never go again. I'd want to nuke the place.

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I date women that age and they are all incredibly depressed. Many of them are alcoholics. All of them look much older than they are.

I have since started dating women much younger. They have their own issues (like Jewish brainwashing and the whole tranny thing) but they're young enough that they can come around. Older women are just a dead end.

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Maybe it's evolution in action? Women who are too into herd behavior yet have weak maternal instincts got JUST'D right out of the gene pool.

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Yes, but it's a problem when too many members of your society are susceptible to mental malware. They can still vote to take your whole society off a cliff before they extinct themselves.

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It would still be evolution at work.

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These women are serving as a cautionary tale for the gen z girls coming up now.

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They were part of a bowel movement.

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first ting i thought of, but decided i was too mature to post it. thanks for taking one for the team.

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