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Subway alternative: Have your beautiful trad wife make you a sandwich.

Netflix alternative: Stare at your beautiful trad wife until she goes and makes you another sandwich.

Nike alternative: Have your beautiful trad wife cobble some shoes for you. A lot of these are going to involve having a trad wife.

Google alternative: Tell all your private information to your beautiful trad wife, so she can disperse it into the community through gossip.

Apple alternative: Shout loud enough for your beautiful trad wife to hear you in the kitchen, over the noise of the sandwich machine.

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You call your wife the sandwich machine?

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Can your wife really cobble shoes? I'm impressed.

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I chuckled at the cobbling, but the sandwich machine intrigues me. Are we talking the big slicer they have at the deli, or something that actually constructs sandwiches, like the thing everyone at McDonald's will be replaced by? Or, perhaps, a pneumatic panini press?

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Is There irony that there are 3 refrigerator factories in wisconsin. Where they are only needed about 6 months a year?

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Im all for this but somebody will have to have more time than I do to make it.

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I saw this elsewhere here on Voat. https://www.allamericanclothing.com

Edit: What we really need is an Amazon alternative that only sells products that are made in America. Oh wait, somebody already shared two such links; I just hadn't gotten around to clicking on them. https://voat.co/v/whatever/2709235/13750626

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The idea of an American non Jewish alternative to Amazon is an incredible idea.

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Two items in the news lately are sneakers (Nike) and jeans (Levis). People have suggested American-made alternatives, but they're 3-5 times the cost.

New Balance has American-made sneakers, but they cost $175, as opposed to $40 or $50... Someone posted an American Jeans site yesterday, but they cost $59, as opposed to $13 for regular (non-fashion) jeans. Any realistically priced alternatives out there? Telling people to pay 3-5 times more for for American-made products seems like it might be a hard sell when peoples incomes probably aren't even going to double.

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Yeah bro, instead of buying a ton of useless shit every year you'll have to buy half a ton of useless shit. So your country doesn't turn brown and Jewish.

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Just a note, DON'T BUY NEW BALANCE!!!

They feature niggers with white women in their website advertising.

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Round-house brand was an American made one posted up here lately. I bookmarked them. Their prices arent bad. $39 for the first pair of jeams I saw on the front page.


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New balance still makes those bland white running shoes in the u.s. all other styles are foreign.

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Register americanornot.com (think hotornot) which is available @ godaddy for 99c

Been thinking about this for a while. Let users amd experts review brands and display the results on a nice chart for memes

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I am not a shill for them, but I buy most of my stuff from LL Bean.

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They don't look nearly as bad as others, but I've made it my new mission in life to only give my money to websites who only advertise to white (preferably male) audiences. https://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/12?page=clothing&nav=gnro-26

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