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Don't trust any history books either. Check their sources for accuracy and context. Check their sources sources if they're citing secondary and not primary sources. When you can, always study primary sources and form your own opinions of history.

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The jews have been spreading lies for centuries. Much of written history is jewish lies

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Somewhat true, but there is a lot of truth to be found in old books when the subversion of society wasn't so obvious and people could actually speak out against things with freedom. They're certainly a far more treasured resource than anything else we have.

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A lot of the old books from 1930 and before by British and French university professors are great. They pre-date the Jewish censorship and influence.

These days, try to find a single fucking history author who is not a jew.

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Not strictly a history book, but if you read Lawrence of Arabia's Seven Pillars of Wisdom he is extremely critical of the Arabs culture and character, despite having lived with them and learned their ways.

“They are a limited narrow-minded people whose inert intellects lie incuriously fallow. Their imaginations are keen but not creative. There is so little Arab art to-day in Asia that they can nearly be said to have no art… . They show no longing for great industry, no organisations of mind or body anywhere. They invent no systems of philosophy or mythologies.”

He didn't hate them, and respected many things about the medieval caliphs, but he definitely considered modern arabs an inferior race to white Englishmen. As well as being a great soldier he was extremely well educated. You will not get a modern scholar at his level of education making similar remarks about an entire group of people. They are his opinions, of course, but his own words are a primary source for any historian. Would they use them? I doubt it, not without trying to judge him by modern standards.

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Funny how literally every encounter throughout history with people's of different parts of the world come to the same conclusion people do now. Huh.

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It's almost like they were right or something

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I value really old stuff from a century ago for the same reason. You can still download tons of excellent reading material from The Gutenberg Project for free, and that old time stuff told it like it was. It's interesting to read the original 'Progressives' and get an understanding for their thinking. Obviously their plans didn't pan out, but you can see how they were drunk with hubris and actually thought it all possible.

Then of course there are people like Margaret Sanger. LOL! I doubt many of today's planned parenthood backers know what she was all about.

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survivorlibrary.com Thousands of really useful out-of-print books.Mostly from 1800's to 1950s

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When the real Fahrenheit 451 began, it was converting all of the old texts to digital format hidden behind paywalls. That way the information can be changed whenever it suits the party in power in a near instantaneous manner. It's too difficult to have a bonfire of the vanities everytime you need to change 7 editions of out-of-print references.

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They had tried to kill them off with Amazon, but thankfully people weren't that unaware.

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An Encyclopedia Britannica set from 1911 is worth finding. The last of the editions not affected by modernism.

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The internet will become so corrupted with totalitarian shit that people will just walk away and go back to simpler for secure ways of life.

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