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Young blood could be the solution to help elderly live longer and healthier, says scientist | Daily Mail Online

'Blood taken from a young person may help revitalise failing health in the elderly, following studies on young mice. '

'Her argument in the journal Nature comes amid a Harvard University company announcing that it would be investing millions to explore treatment based on the idea that the blood of young animals can help the older ones. ', "Professor Partridge told The Telegraph: 'I would say ageing is the emperor of all diseases. 'There's been all this fantastic research in animals.", "However, blood is not the only thing that can be taken by the elderly to keep their health, with Professor Partridge also suggesting the bacteria taken from a young person's gut may help the poor functioning 'microbiomes' in the elderly.", "It's scientists, Harvard biologists, are exploring whether a blood protein called GDFII is the key ingredient."

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It didn't help Hillary at all. She's far from healthy. Young blood only provides a temporary boost of energy. It cannot repair worn down telomers, which at the end is organ failure. Future tech should be able to fix some of that. For now, nope.