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Ok, first tactic, "I represent everyone not here." aka the 'sit down and shutup you priveleged piece of shit' tactic.

Omg... Seriously arguing that the differences between the sexes are socially imposed by some crazy generalization about childhood attachment?! This tactic I call, "Feeding the Victim".

WTF.... AM I LISTENING TO?! Tactic 3: THE NEW AGE WILL COME. Minute ten to 13... 3 minutes of absolute GARBAGE. STRAIGHT GARBAGE... paused video. Must recuperate. The faces and expressions on the audience members was too much! Seems like a few of them were ready for the NEW AGE mumbo jumbo....

OH gosh. Just wank me off and tell me what I believe in. Ego is bad.... Well, that ego stroke you just did felt pretty good! This tactic: The Ego Circle Jerk.

Tl'dr Sit down and shutup you piece of entitled shit. I can talk about physics and know people, so trust me here. Society makes boys and girls different. Boys and girls are like quarks. Get your free new age handjob! And don't forget to APPLAUD.


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Nice work. Amazing patience. Have an upvoat.