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Lol... AMD has exactly the same backdoors as intel has, and israel has access to it. It's an illusion of choice. If it's not open source then they're spying on you.

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Intel has had a lot more bugs and security holes as of recent. But I agree AMD is not secure, because it has closed source binary blobs among other things.

Here's a list of open source hardware projects that might be even better than AMD:


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Additionally, AMD's PSP has undergone far less scrutiny due to their historically low market share.

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God damnit, cant a guy buy a fucking pc without kikes accesing it ? Im sick of this bullshit.

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It's is how (((they))) steal intellectual property like inventions, screenplays, and business ideas.

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If it's not open source then they're spying on you.

I think this is illusion of choice, too. Obfuscated backdoors can be placed in open source projects, and almost no one bothers to audit them. No one has read all of Linux kernels source code (15 million lines). There was an effort to audit Truecrypt source code for encryption back doors, it basically failed. Interested in what you and @dayofthehope think on this.

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Thing is such vulnerabilities tend to be found if they are used. There are a lot of people like Snowden that leak such information. Now, with open source software and hardware you at least have a chance to remove it, with intel or amd, even though this shit is known, we can do fuck all.

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Don't buy computers or any high-tech devices at all. Use the Post Office to communicate.

If you see this message you are supporting the enemy. I see you!

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Post Jewffice?!

PIGEONS or you litterally suck non goy balls!

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Thats kind of genius, it never occured to me to write letters again, thats brilliant.

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Spend cash for everyday purchases and never set up automatic bill pay. Use checks, instead.

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Farout...ok there has to be someone out there fighting this somehow....

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you could get a load of transistors build your own and turn the spare room into a motherboard.

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This is sickening, no matter if you have tor or linux, you still are getting spied.

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Israel seems to be the main country for tech development used to spy on the US. My guess is there is an Israeli component of every major company.

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Terry Davis was probably building his own backdoor free hardware and that's why the luminescent CIA darkies ran him over with a train.

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Does apple have backdoors? Edit: just watched the video. This is alarming.

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more like frontdoors with apple lol

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Never trust chips coming straight out of israel.

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Might as well fuck off to the woods then.

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I alway keep that option open.

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