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You should never let niggers be astro physicists. Isn't it obvious that niggers turn everything to shit? My assertion is...Pluto has moons, so it IS a planet.

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My conclusion is... it doesn't fucking matter. Never pay OCD types to fret over classifications unrelated to practical decisions.

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I think they created Astro Physics as a fake ass major for the stupid relatives of rich people and, of course, niggers. Hardly ANY science, all conjecture and bullshit opinions pulled out of thin air. Then parasites like Neil Degrasse Tyson, as usual with niggers, tries to become a celebrity parasite...respected by STUPID people everywhere!

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if that's the only qualifier then venus and mercury are not planets.

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It's not the only qualifier, it's just conclusive all by itself. Venus and mercury are planets because they orbit the sun indendently of anything else in that same orbit...lone entity, and can be seen with the naked eye, and are not satellites of anything else.

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Asteroids have satellites too. Asteroids that do not have enough mass to reach hydrostatic equilibrium, or to become spherical. Pluto is smaller than our moon. Who cares if it's a planet or dwarf planet.

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Nuh uh, Dumbass. Sheesh. Even your dog likes me better than you.

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From the very first time I heard about the scientific fad of declassifying Pluto, I didn't buy into it. And for years I've had to endure Tyson's cadre of followers and their interjections of, "aaaaaaacktually, Pluto isn't considered a planet any more." Like it just stopped existing in that state because some television performer pretending to be a scientist said so. Well assholes, aaaaaaaaaacktually it still is a planet, and Neil Degrasse Tyson is a stupid black faggot.

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My astronomy professor told my class about the debate amongst astronomers a couple of years before they made the announcement to normies that Pluto was being removed the list of planets.

He said they would probably change Pluto's classification, but he never went into why. Just said he didn't agree and that it wasn't a unanimous decision.

Bummed us all out a bit. Maybe because of nostalgia. Doesn't really matter what they call it though, Pluto is still out there orbiting the Sun, spherical in shape, and with it's own satellites.

It's actually a drawf planet. Not a giant ice asteroid.

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Maybe because it's 2/3 the size of our own moon, and is like a lumpy lopsided sphere. Guess our moon must be a XL dwarf planet.

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Our moon is a satellite that orbits our planet. Planets must orbit a star, which Pluto does.

Also what do you make of the fact that Earth is not actually spherical, and is quite lumpy?

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BOOYAAHH BITCHES!!!! I NEVER DOUBTED IT FOR A SECOND! It always was, and always will be: My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas! 4lyfe!

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who fukken cares? theres a list of shit that urgently needs to be done right here on erf that could circumnavigate pluto.

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Pluto is a planet.

It was the fucking globalists, jealous of another globe who were trying to commit planetcide.

Pluto is the God of wealth and he's going to come after the globalists and strip them of all they have and leave them begging in the streets. (We'll help Pluto from here on Earth).

Pluto also has them after they die, so burning in hell for eternity is the real deal with Pluto.

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Well I believe him, how could you not believe a guy with a spice rack like that!

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This is why I have trust issues.

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