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Christians worship a zombie Jew.

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A guy who cam back from the dead and shit is stronger voodoo than a stone.

Not talking the reality here even. Take that off the table. A big part of a religion's strength is the strength of its mysteries and magic. There's no magic in a meteorite. It's not mysterious at all. You'd have to be an idiot to worship something so mundane. That's why the Islamic world is so low-IQ, they kill disbelievers aka anybody with a few spare brain cells.

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Just as fucking crazy if you ask me lol

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It's not a religion. It's a terrorist organization.

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It's by every sane definition a religion. IDK why people have a boner for calling things that are not religions religions and things that are, not. But stop it

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No. It's really not. It's a form of government and it's a terrorist organization. That's why you have something called Sharia 'Law'

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Actually islam, moslims are nothing more then a jumped up death cult with a thugocracy throw in for grins and giggles.

Pick any one of multiple versions of the koran read them, compare them. They are just medieval how to manuals on thuggery, robbery, rape, murder enslavement, how to lie, when to lie, badly written as well.

There are 18, 19 version I believe.

The koran and muslin are and will continue to be the barbarians for whom the fall of western civilization is their prim cause.

The koran when read will show you just how incompatible muslins and islam is with democracy and freedom. Slowly the world is seeing them for what they are and with in a short while will deal with them as they would deal with the west.

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Tbh when I read koran it sounded just like old testament bible, all fire and brimstone.

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And the bible is better in this way how?

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It's been a while since I read the Bible but I don't remember it telling you to rape people. Even Leviticus, where a lot of the loonier passages come from, is like half "what to do if your goat gets cancer" and "what do do if your house starts growing mold."

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To be fair...the story of Noah is a copy of a story by the Sumerians (where Iraq is now) from about 4000 BC. The lesson is...communication, recording/archiving, and direct opposition (frauds), and even delusional thinking were (are) obstacles back then. Don't read so much into the allegory and hyperbole, just worry about the nuggets of SOLID truth (good v evil) and roll with that.

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actually nearly every ancient civilization has a "flood myth," even the people in hawaii.

See Here

It's actually fair to say it wasn't stolen but a possibility of truth and I say that because these civilizations span all across the world.

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You've been watching ancient aliens. I can tell.

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Kinda laughed when you said meteorite in a silver vagina, but apparently that is exactly a meteorite in a silver vagina. WTF islam?

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I agree, but are the other abrahamic faiths any better?

Jews worship themselves, as the manifestation of God's will.

Christians worship a God whose main accomplishment was being beaten up and nailed to a cross.

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Actually when they are worshipping the Kaaba, they are worshipping Satan. Black cubes is very big within jewish occultism because it represents Saturn which in turn represents Satan. In fact, you can find Black Cubes scattered around the world which shows you big jewish occultism is with ''our leaders''.



UN HQ ''meditation room'';


Rabbi with a black cube on his head;


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pagan connections are complicated, incomplete, and the "tolerant" church killed or burnt over half the material. you might not be wrong, but, it would be inaccurate to say that system fits into Christianities heaven/hell dichotomy

if a pagan tells you what they worship, then their claim would be more accurate to that instance, then analyzing their imagery and thinking you know better

anyone who tells you a pagan god is satan can piss the fuck off. we know what we worship. we dont need you as outsiders thinking you've learnt better then us, the people doing the thing. that shits just as cringy as SJWs thinking they speak for every black man

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What makes you think i'm talking about pagans here and what they worship?

In the context of Kabaa which is an Islamic building and Islam being a Judaic religion, the Kabaa is tied to jewish occultism in which the black cube does represent Satan and that is what i'm referring to. Jews are known from stealing aspects of other peoples religions and symbolism which they in turn corrupt, there is almost no originality with any of the Abrahamic religions anyways.

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I've never seen that last one. What's up with that pixelated unicorn cosplay?

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The occultism behind this is only due to the hexagonal pattern formed when the cube is turned on its side. The muzzies one is flat.

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