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You seriously need to cut back on the bong.

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How so?

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Maybe try an indica? Stativas tend to give a brainstormy head high that can enjoy thought projects lile this. OBVIOUSLY niggers do not smoke stativas.

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The (((trolls))) have arrived. Hmmm...and all at once.

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So, if you are familiar with all the Ethnostate ideas floating around out there, there are 3 competing locations. Tom Kaczynki's New Albion, the Pacific Northwest Front, and Billy Roper's Appalachia.

I'm gonna float a 4th idea. What about Detroit? So much of Detroit is a ghost town, we could head up there and get property super cheap. I think this could be ideal because so many of us have so little money.

Tell me what you think.

My cousin Billybob has real nice piece of property that would make a real fine ethnostate out on highway 19 close to where the old feed mill is at. You could get it pretty cheap too because he wants to get a new F-150 and needs cash.

Only problem is it's about 20 miles from there to the Super Walmart so there ain't much entertainment and you do have to go aways for some groceries. But ya'll can fix all that when you get the ethnostate up and running, just start you a white nationalist grocery store.

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I'd rather do this one than move to Detroit and buy a condemned building.

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antarctica! white people could make it work.

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It was the mountains for us and Billy was one of the folks that helped persuade me.

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Congrats. I'm thinking I will move to New Albion when I'm done with school.

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Land is cheap here in the Ozarks.

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Why do so many want to cut and run?

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Set up an area that is explicitly pro white and full of pro whites is the best chance we have. It won't change the rest of the country that much. Just consolidate our own power.

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I'm game, but can we let a few asians in? Or maybe just a handfull of japs? We will still put down any vorginia techs that pop out.

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The problem is that as soon as your white area is really humming along nicely, the barbarian hordes will notice and want to move in and shit all over everything. You won't be able to stop them because they'll use anti-discrimination lawsuits and Jew banks to force white people to rent/sell to spics and niggers. Not to mention that some fucked up white assholes will start importing them to get cheap labor. Even if none of the people who first move there do it, their kids will.

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I'm seeing it as surrendering our land to them.

To me this is something TPTB have been trying to accomplish for years. Break up the U.S. into several countries. But then again I'm also just a conspiracy nut.

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You can buy land in mountain states for cheap. And they're already ethnostates, basically.

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Economy/job market is pretty grim. Was born in MT, but have lived in TX for that reason.

Edited to add: Some friends are doing well working fracking jobs in ND. They have been up there almist 5 years. Bismarck is a very nice and very white town.

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You wont get rich in the mountains, but no one there cares about that. They have everything they want really.

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What states?

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The whole area from Wash state thru N.Dakota to Utah thru Kansas. All beautiful land and wholesome babes.