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In her closing arguments, another defense attorney, Leigh Cutter, said Contreras had called Frances Hall to tell her about the affair because she was mad at Bill Hall for not giving her money for a manicure.

Contreras was the mistress! So this dude was likely in a shitty marriage and decides to find some side pussy. Side pussy then narcs on him for not giving her money to do her nails. Dude gets run over on his motorcycle. Wife only gets two year sentence (out in 1) and inherits the husband's estate. Good grief

Women are out of control.

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We really need some form of equality of the sexes. Imagine if the man/women were swapped in this story.

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I'm beginning to think that is sociobiologically impossible. Most men are simps and people are programmed to instinctively give women special treatment.

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Pussy pass granted with honors. I bet women in pridon sit around and brag about how light their sentence was and for how fucked up thrir crime was.

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Nope. They bitch about being there at all and about how innocent they are and/or the man made them do it.

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He was a degenerate. Clean your fucking house before you start fucking shit up. No compassion for either side. The only thing this illustrates, Texas is sucking some Democrat cock and loving it.

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Jesus, this is insane.

If all of these people croaked nothing of value would be lost.

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She knocked him off and got away with it.

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Eh, cheating should be a death sentence anyways.

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The jealous rage and 2nd degree murder were the correct ruling, the sentence was an injustice, but within the ballpark. Most get like 10 years, serve 5. So if you come home and catch her in the act - well 5 years is pretty short, they'll give you 2 for 1 also.

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Her sentence was the lightest possible.