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Does your state have the Castle doctrine? That's pretty much going to determine if you can personally solve this issue.

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It's Ohio so yes.

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You have every right to defend your property. I suggest deleting this post so it's not tied to your username in anyway, deleting all comments you made here on this post, and taking care of your own. Be prepared to deal with the outcome of your actions.

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I was thinking I'd taser them, tie them with zip tie hand cuffs, and then taser them some more while taking bets on who wiggles down the driveway first.

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Obtain fentanyl. Wrap it in a little baggie that's just the corner of a grocery bag tied in a knot. Leave it on the trunk of your car. Monitor newspaper for od reports. Repeat as necessary.

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Easiest way for the problem to solve itself I would imagine

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also put it in a tied of water balloon so it stands out.

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I see some potentially bad advice in this thread. If you shoot them with rocksalt or set a booby trap I'm pretty sure that's an express ticket to pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

If your state has castle doctrine/stand your ground laws you can, and should, defend yourself and your loved ones to the fullest extent of the law - but be sure it's legitimately justifiable. Don't be half assed and only take care of half of the problem. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

I would also suggest saving cash for a lawyer because you may need it regardless.

Also, it may be worth it to fuck them with a lawyer. Maybe you can civil suit them to death.

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These people are violent heroin addicts running a theft ring, lawyers dobn't matter a fig.

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You're still going to be questioned by police officers, and potentially face charges that may be dropped. I'd recommend picking up carry insurance for like $20 a month until it's settled just to CYA.

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unfortunately it's legit.

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Just like all of the other /v/thathappened bullshit on /v/whatever. Yeah, right. Liar.

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If you have any expendable income, you could set up cameras on your property in very discreet locations and catch them stealing lawn equipment you unfortunately left out. Go on craigslist and see if you can buy a broken mower that someone just wants to get rid of, and you won't lose anything important.

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If someone visits your house, you visit theirs.

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i mean if they overdose, case closed right

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