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Give my kid free samples so I can drink some more wine. Infuriating. Why do people always black out the names? If this was posted to a public venue we should all be able to respond, right?

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I only have the screenshot. I don't know the original source, sorry.

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So no source just someone posted a picture to the internet you copied it and passed it on and that is why you decide to share it? Thanks for the quality content, bet people loved the emails you send them back int he day that started FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW:

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That's because it's fake

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it's because most of these screens probably originated on reddit, where not blacking out the name would he considered a doxx and your post removed

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sams club has a wine section though.

also a membership to these warehouse type stores pays itself off so why else would she let it expire but to be useful idiot?

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It only pays itself off if you buy enough mayo to feed a mayo dumpster and only buy name brand mayo at full retail price.

Store brand products and/or sale prices are usually cheaper.

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Why do people always black out the names?

Because everybody says some stupid shit sometimes on the internet. It would do very little good to have hordes of angry pissed off internet users who sometimes go way to far barreling down on everyone. It is best for just the small cluster of family, friends and associates to tell the individual that they have their head up their ass. It is an issue of scale and proportion. An appropriate scale of a response will get better results than an over blown response.

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Okay, fair point.

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Wow, the nerf of some companies in this world...

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I bet she was foaming at the mouth.

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She darted over to Costco and they hit the spot.

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If the employees at Sams actually pelted her with nerf darts, I’d be more inclined to shop there.

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Nevermind getting employees to do it, I'd pay for the opportunity to hunt fat single mums with nerf guns.

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If you are not a member, you are not a customer to be "valued" in the first place. Renew your shit and they will let you in as a "valued", paying, customer. It's really quite simple.

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It's understandable, because she's considered a citizen of the country even though she's a parasite. So she thinks that being present in a business makes her a customer, despite not intending to buy anything or even meeting their membership requirements.

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It's really quite simple.

You obviously dont understand leftists.

They dont give a fuck about your "value" or your "simplicity".

They want your stuff, they want it for free, and they arent asking for it, theyre demanding it.

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Sam's is easy to get in without a membership. Just ask the person a reasonable question, "would you pay for a membership to shop at a store that you have no idea of what the product or prices are?" any reasonable person will say "no" "so why would I sign up for a membership without looking at what you have first?" They will let you in no problem and just tell you that if you want to buy anything you need a membership and they can get that setup at the front desk.

Don't like that pretend you are a normal stupid person and this is a walmart, walk in. someone at the says something to you on your way you wave and keep going never knowing what they said and they are not going to call security or anything.

Want a third option okay. Walk in grab a cart and then dig out your drivers license, when you are walking past them and they ask flash that at them quickly while moving and go on your way. Leave the cart somewhere in the store.

Fourth? fine. Sorry I'm not a member I was picking up some XXX over at walmart, my mom is a member and came in here to do her shopping and I drove. We figured she would take longer so I would meet up with her here.

This isn't even the TSA stopping and checking your ticket type security it is someone ONE likely sitting in a chair asking every person/group to see their membership card.

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I don't have a Sam's membership, and they let me in there all the time, no problem. I just tell them I'm eating lunch at the snack bar. Fun fact: Food at the snack bar in Sam's Club is tax free.

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So buy a membership to shop there or don't buy a membership and window shop there once you "sneak in".

Sneaking into a membership only store rates about the same to me as next day returning shoes you bought to wear to the club once.

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How much you want to bet the kid is half black.

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I'll bet the other half is, too.

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I'll bet the other half is long-gone.

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Youd think theyd value their customers

Clearly they do, which is why they tell people whos membership has expired they cant come in.

Because if they didnt, then everyone would come for the free samples and the members would get nothing.

Or am i just an idiot?

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Well, you are clearly correct about the membership thing.

Whether or not you're an idiot may not factor into it at all.

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can't afford the "luxury" of a Sams club membership

It's like $100. This bitch probably spends that on cable TV every month.

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She probably spends that on "her wine" every week.

But she neeeeeeds that.

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No, she's the type that goes to winery or tasting at fancy liquor store. Demands larger samples, knocks them back for an hour, no purchase, leaves.

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I bet she gets her nails "did" too.

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Even worse, it's only $45. The $100 is for business owners, allows you to buy a couple more things like cigarettes for retail I think.

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If you go to enough Baskin Robbins ice cream stores, you will occasionally see a half-black entitled sheboon ask to taste COUNTLESS FREE ICE CREAM SAMPLES, at a slow pace

The nigs all want their free gibs and like to make Whitey wait on them hand and foot.

Heres a reddit story of a 'gibs me dat' bitch tasting all 44 flavors of ice cream and buying NOTHING ! :

A customer sampled all 44 flavors of ice cream and wasted 30 minutes of my life.:


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Look how many comments they had to delete: https://www.removeddit.com/r/TalesFromRetail/comments/2xzi0v/a_customer_sampled_all_44_flavors_of_ice_cream/

Too bad that they are too old to be recovered.

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HOLY SHIT ! More comments were deleted than remain !!! I bet the common offense is discussing race of the perpetrators people routinely encounter.


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value their customers

It seems they do, which is why they kicked her out.

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