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The more I read through OWI’s comments, the more I see the same pattern. The account starts out reasonable, posts content, can even be described as affable. Pulls in a number of people, makes friends to defend him. Then he slowly starts to sperg out. Creating more and more drama. Classic disinfo shill tactics.

However his writing style recently, is very Amalek/SaneGoat/MYG. I’ve always wondered about the group theory, and I think it’s very plausible. Someone builds the account, then passes it on to the sperg. It’s almost like a state sponsored operation by long noses.

@srayzie @vindicator @kevdude @heygeorge @expertshitposter

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It's why I consistently refer to him as a nigger. It's why he has me on block, because I pointed out his tactics almost a year ago. These are things many of us have been saying for a while, but the lot of people over there at GA have been keen on defending him because "he does good work".

They think autistic spergs who post disjointed messages trying to copy "Q" is "good work". They think people who copy material from 8 chan and then act like it's a unique idea is "good work". The Pizzagaters are pretty much the same since those two communities overlap heavily.

When you point out people should have standards, hold others to higher standards, they lash out harder. They act like an insular community, and when you express different ideas, they act like they're having a terrible physical reaction to it. It doesn't help with the cult like mentality either. "Q" said this would happen to us! And boom, they run off with that in their head, and any criticism, any concern, is now deemed as a hard coded attack on them.

OWI has played all of this up really well. Also, I don't think his writing style has changed at all. He's always been like this. It just might be that you're taking more of a notice recently.

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Interesting comment, thank you.

TBH I’ve had little interaction with him. SBBH trolled him a while ago, but I missed most of that. So you are correct in your assertion, I’ve only started to notice him now.

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I am not even interested in "Q", but this sounds a lot like a defense of concern trolling them. But /u/kneo24 typically attacks the actual opposition, as seen here: http://archive.is/Xoy3L . Contrary to what /u/kneo24 writes, there IS a link to the source article (the "READ MORE" part), and that has an image link to the tweet. And the video as well as tweet are fairly easy to search for on the net. /u/kneo24 proceeds to write that:

There's little here to substantiate their claim that these kids are actors. Not a single fucking link pointing to any evidence of that.

And yet the referenced video in the referenced tweet says itself that it is staged apart suppossedly from the dialogue being based on actual transscripts, and it says at time 2:16 that the children are actors. See the tweet here: https://mobile.twitter.com/Alyssa_Milano/status/1014279997169602566 . And /u/kneo24 calls the link submitter a spreader of fake news: http://archive.is/QX0a1 .

Notice this: Either /u/kneo24 did not even bother to watch the video before declaring the article fake news, or he did watch it and knowingly lied.

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People that try to act like know it alls and say I told you so are so annoying. I’m not defending him, but I am addressing the fact that you think sharing things you find on the internet on the sub is of no value. That’s what Q asks us to do! He wants graphics and Memes made and for us spread the word! Everybody has their own part. Any help is of value. From what I’ve seen so far, you don’t seem to be the greatest poster either.

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I've missed your input on these things. That may, indeed, be the key to all of this.

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Thanks. I might be wrong, but the sperg out is generally the same. Its like a kike can only blend for so long..

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I’ve been saying this for months. The second you disagree or ask a question, he calls you a shill

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Leave amalek out of this he was right, but he was banned for our memes.

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He was right, but he also shut down the conversation by sperging out. His meme lives on though.

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laura loomer = srayzie + shizy

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Long con shill finally blew his load I see. Glow-in-dark niggers love the "discredit by playing crazy" angle.

Now we wait for shill fags that never comment or otherwise participate on voat to suddenly have an opinion about oh_well_ian.

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I see how shilly shekelberg belittles Jenny's arkancide as "drama".

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I might not comment here as often as is deemed worthy, but I'm a pretty lame example of a shill. I comment when I have time and I comment when I have something to add within that time. Is there an estimate of users that lurk and don't comment regularly? Are they all shills even if it's a low number? I assume it's not a low number of accounts, but I really don't know for sure. I assume many people lurk without accounts. I use voat to pass dead time during work and before bed. I don't disagree with this post. I just formed my own opinion and analysis based on what went on in a different sub.

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I just saw this! 😂🤣

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I’m glad you pulled these together Crensch. I was putting something else together. I pinged you. I’ll add this link to my post.

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Full disclosure, is a copy-paste from my /v/shitlist post on him from a while back. I did maybe 10m of work putting that together, so I'm quite certain any newbie with another 10m could come up with just as much dirt on him.

He posted some decent stuff, but only to hide his bullshit when David Brock's orders came down.

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I think you’ve been pinged in the past when people were upset with me for giving him too many chances. I’ve really tried working with him. It’s just getting to be too much.

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Weird. I tried to post to your comment and it isn’t showing, so forgive me if I post twice (maybe it’s the cell phone). I tagged you in a bunch of his shenanigans about a month ago when I called out that like clockwork, I always had -3-4 points when commenting on him. Then it went down to -1 once someone else chimes in agreeing with me. Whenever posting something, having those votes in the very beginning gets it sent to the top of the list. TLDR; the faggot is manipulating votes.

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laura loomer = srayzie + shizy

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You have attacked me practically non stop, except while sleeping. Not just me, but Shizy and Crensch too. I can’t wait until Crensch is back and sees all the crap you’ve said about him. He’s gonna tear you a new one cunt.

Me and Shizy both have screenshots of you complimenting us. You told me I was a good mod. When I announced that Shizy would be a mod, you told her that you were glad because you liked her.

You need to grow a pair and act like a man. When things don’t go your way, you become a pussy. Nobody likes you. Not one person has complained that I banned you. Not that I’ve seen so far.

I’ve been friends with Shizy since before Q came along. You think I’ve spent all that time talking and laughing with myself? Instead of having a mod that helps me, I decided to take all the weight on my shoulders because it was fun to be a psycho like you? The fact that our sense of humor is so alike, is why she’s one of my besties here. We even talk on the phone. So the fact that you even think that way just adds to our theory that you have mental illness.

After talking to mods that have been here a lot longer and have showed me the ropes, I have decided that you are banned permanently. It will be so much more peaceful.

@Shizy @Vindicator @Think- @Crensch

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Well said srayzie! You're right, I haven't seen one person post anything against him being banned.

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and the play goes on...

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That was one of those (lol’s) used when you’re uncomfortable. You don’t have a smile on your face.

Q posted

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Let's sing a song

Laura Loomer hates black people Laura Loomer hates the asian race She knows she's done, she knows she's a disgrace! https://imgoat.com/uploads/03ce9225fc/142635.jpg

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@srayzie cut off her nose and now they have abandoned her! Woe is me! Woe is me!

I have my full Jew nose intact, so I'll be safe. Laura, not so much.

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Great post @Crensch, thanks for bringing my attention to this. Upvoating for visibility.

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Should I get two or three canisters of Zyklon? Looks like @oh_well_ian is going to take the long shower.

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Which is it that makes him suffer more before he expires? I defer to the Zyklon expert's opinion here.

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Lets just oven him, and skip the delousing altogether :)

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I'm scratching my head, Crensch. You're supposed to be suppressing Ian's free speech, and here you are, sharing all of his wonderful contributions to Voat! :-)

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I needed that laugh. You have a rare sense of humour on you, bud.

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...and here you are, sharing all of his wonderful contributions to Voat! :-)


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