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Conservatives are a counter-culture , fags and other leftists are mainstream. Funny how over the course of 60 years things change. The left is eating itself so its only a matter of time before people revert back to conservative values, we just have to prevent as much damage as we can before that.

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I truly hope this is the case. But, did Rome ever recover? Did Russia? (Not that Russia was ever a paradise, but they've never crawled out of the hole they dug)

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Rome, as an empire, fell. As a people: Europe did alright; up until those two recent wars happened, and gave rise to "globalism". It really is just the way humans work: the swing of the eternal pendulum. Yin and Yang, manifest. I only wonder if humans will ever evolve enough to stabilize said pendulum from oscillating so violently. Just a gentle, imperceptible nudging.

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Rome never fell. It became a theocracy. The republic fell. The Pope was the emperor of all the European kings until the Anglican church was founded in England.

Vatican City is in Rome. London is the financial branch and Washington is the military arm.

Check out The 3 Cities.

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did Rome ever recover?

Roman areas under new administration by various goths consisted of the same people doing the same jobs for the same salaries. They even had salaries and were not paid in land until much later. The only real difference was that the boss now wore pants spoke funnily and had facial hair.

The only place Rome ever really "fell" was in Britannia. Other places it fragmented, diverged culturally and became significantly stronger during the reconsolidation once the external threat was recognized.

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Depends what you mean by recovered. Rome recovered from many political crises and so did Russia and many other empires. They also changed and ultimately collapsed from outside and inside influences.

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The left is eating itself so its only a matter of time before people revert back to conservative values

Not gonna happen. Those who print money are on the left.

Unless you can convince or get rid of those globalist bankers, not gonna happen.

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Profound and right on!

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This is why immigration is the biggest issue. Only by changing the genetic/demographic makeup of the nation can (((they))) cause any permanent damage.

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Try being a race realist.

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It's so hard to explain that equal rights doesn't mean equal attributes or equal outcomes.

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Even harder to explain what we need to do about those unequal outcomes.

For instance...what do you do with 100 million useless morons?

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Easy to explain. Tougher to get people to listen because it hurts their feelings.

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I judge people based on individuals not their race.

Don't be like leftist who gave privilege due to race: Niggers get hired despite being less competent for the sake of diversity. Not good.

I hire people based on competency. It's the right thing to do.

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I judge people based on individuals not their race.

For one thing, this is fine on a small scale. For another, yes you do, even if you don't want to admit it. Everyone generalizes and judges on a wide scale, even subconsciously. If you're in downtown Detroit, walking through the black ghetto at 9pm, and a group of a dozen blacks come walking toward you down the street, you're going to take measures to avoid them. Otherwise, it's taking a big risk. You don't know for sure that each individual one has ill intent, but you don't need to, it's better safe than sorry, and you know given a number of variables there's a not insignificant chance there's danger there. Generalizations exist because they're correct more often than they aren't, the same thing with stereotypes.

Beyond a certain extent it simply isn't feasible to judge everyone individually. It takes too much time and effort. We shouldn't allow any blacks to immigrate from anywhere, for example. Some exceptional people will inevitably be caught in that net, but it's a small price to pay for keeping out the potential millions who bring absolutely nothing of worth to outweigh the cost of what they do...as a race.

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I hire people based on competency. It's the right thing to do.

@Schreiber, if you do that, you will be considered racist by many. Which is considered immoral by the same group of people. Meritocarcies are frowned upon by communists... er, I mean more left-leaning people. You're not giving the dumb-dumbs a chance!

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I judge people based on individuals not their race.

I hire people based on competency. It's the right thing to do.

I regret to say that this just creates a problem waiting to happen. Blacks - and most other identity groups - exhibit tribal behavior. As soon as there are enough of them to cause a problem, they will.

As soon as you promote them into positions where they can exercise power, they will do so to benefit their own race to the exclusion of others.

You will find this out eventually.

If you had been paying attention you might have noticed it with Obama.

It is only the white man who has these high and lofty ideals of advancement on merit without regard to race, and who believes in multiracial societies based on merit. All the others are looking out for their tribe - as soon as they get the chance.

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Then the niggers will have to rob banks and he'll lose that battle most of the time. With welfare gone, zero-tolerance crime policies and an average IQ of 85, they'll mostly end up dead or in jail.

So you may as well have shot him in the head but you didn't, you merely facilitated the outcome, you're the passive-aggressive klansman. I didn't kill him, it was some other thing.

Not that I give a flying fuck, we all have our personal style. lol

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The crazies are making more conservatives every day. When you unironically attack whites and “white men” and embrace increasing lawlessness, regular people you’ve marginalized get pushed to the other side.

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This is what I've been trying to tell people. When I was younger I went to some rough shows. I've gotten in fights at shows, I've bitten off part of my tongue because the crowd was too rough, I've crowdsurfed, made friends with kids with tattoos and mohawks. It's no longer tough, weird or punk doing those things. What's radical is pissing everyone off by doing what's right. It's not about going along with everyone else and apologizing for every little slight people can try to find. Fuck them. Fuck the rest of the world. The real punks are the ones tired of this bullshit.

Look at John Lydon. He's a Trump fan because he's still a punk after all these years. Faggots like Mike Ness, Henry Rollins and Bad Religion are about as radical as Poison was in 1992.

Yes I called Rollins a faggot. Fuck that guy

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Being an openly successful and unashamed straight white male is even more radical.

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Being a not self-hating white male is radical. Especially if you don't plan on marrying off your daughters to savage niggers.

That alone qualifies you as a nazi bigot.

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Gay white men are the only white men who have no reason for self-hatred.

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In the fifties it was considered humane to beat the shit out of fags.

The cops would call it self defense and make the fag clean up his blood

Even in the seventies open mockery was the norm.

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In the '80s it was still ok.

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One time at school in 1999 a nigger was answering a question about which 6 of 10 people for some detailed scenario question I don't remember all the details to. He started his explanation with, "First, I'd get rid of the gay guy. He ain't got no place in this world." I think the response was mild laughter. There was no outrage by anyone.

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He should have been lynched for that. I was high school aged at that time and out of the closet and the black kids were just as homophobic as the white kids and they used their blackness as a shield to justify heterosexual supremacy. If ever a school deserved to be shot up, it was mine.

[–] BreederBasher 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

In the fifties it was considered humane to beat the shit out of fags.

That's why the Stonewall Riots and the White Night Riots were and are justified, as is any and all retaliation by gays against the heterosexual oppressor class.

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you sound like quite the faggot yourself

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Trump isn't conservative. He has hijacked the brand.

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The brand had already been hijacked by RINOs. Trump is forcing an across the board reset through being a Washington outsider.

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I like Trump but this is the truth. He's more conservative than most in some ways, but also liberal in other ways...

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thats why i like the guy, im sick of the christ cuck israel loving conservatives that have dominated the movement for too long....trump won because people wanted something new than was being offered by either the dems or the republicans

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i like trump but he's def disappointed in a few ways. Not as anti-establishment as i'd hoped. maybe second term

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Another SJW nigger gaining traction on voat, color me shocked. Trump has given a burst of conservatism in the country and he did it for a reason.

Next you are going to tell me muslims are cool because they hate jews too.

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"Gaining traction on voat"

Nigger I've been here almost 3x longer than you have. Kys.

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I have bad news for you, nobody in politics is fucking conservative anymore. The last actual conservative I've seen is probably Patrick Little and he barely counts as "in politics."

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The big-government faggot who wants spending on a wall, is anti-free trade, etc. is TOTALLY a traditional fiscal conservative... yup. How retarded are you?

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the murders of black Trump supporters that went on during election season

I was unaware of this. Link?

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There's been multiple incidents, it's nearly impossible to find articles (((they))) have since covered up, as you should know.


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What the fuck. Why am I just hearing about this now? This should have been a way bigger deal at the time. Why didn't Trump mention it ever? The left should have been hit over the head with this. Candle light vigils for him outside of CNN. The works.

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It happened in 2015, but if you want to go down a deep, deep rabbit hole, search "Anthony Hervey."

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