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Mormons are a mixed bag. In general I like them and their morals. But their kooky cult religion is so repressive that it backfires and some develop extreme behavioral problems, then do everything to cover it up.

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I have a good amount of Mormon friends. There's a big LDS church literally next to my neighborhood. A lot of the girls that are raised pretty strictly go full slut once they move out.

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Where do they move to?

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their also zionists

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Christians have that tendency, seeing as Israel's existence is needed for end time prophecies.

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The Amish population continues to grow

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Do the Amish keep themselves armed? They will be best off in the coming days, if things turn sour.

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The Amish love old wooden guns. But they aren't picky about their bows; it's funny to watch a colonial guy walking through the woods with a High tech compound bow.

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The Mennonites have many firearms and most appreciate a nicely upgraded AR. The Mennonites will be KANGS after the SHTF.

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I visited Utah last month. There are still kids there. White ones. It was surreal.

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Pretty good. Morman are good people.

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They really are. They seem like such a weirdo cult, but every one of them I've met has been a genuinely honorable man.

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Besides the old men with barely legal multiple brides, borderline pedophiles but sure good guys.

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Any group that does not practice feminism will grow. If you want this, but don't want to be mormon, Amish or Muslim our group offers the same thing and is based largely on the same values as the Roman Republic: /v/emergencynation/2130938

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Oh yeah the religion of peace. I think we should do away with all religion. No one knows the truth and all religions are man made. No one talks to God and no one know what happens after you die. Fuck all religions and especially the jews and the Muslims. Same coin different sides in my book.

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Mormons seem all right to me.

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Mormons are weird on paper but alright in practice. Lots of kids, lots of adopting, lots of fostering. They take good care of each other.

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Similar to simple life hippies; they have lot's of kids, all white, decent people.

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I approve of their use of polygamy, the men capable of caring for and breeding multiple women should do so. The catholic imposed monogamy is not natural and leads to degradation of the gene pool.

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Im a baptised catholic and I am beginning to think catholicism was a jew trick

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It was, its entire purpose was to subvert the roman empire, it did its job so they kept it up. If Jesus was real his true teachings will likely never be known.

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That's because you don't know your faith or the history of Catholicism. If you did, you would appreciate it.

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