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It really makes this scene from 2009's watchmen all the more chilling.

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best scene in the entire movie.

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Underrated film.

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I would've enjoyed it more if that blue guy's dick wasn't swinging around the whole time.

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I'm still shocked the cool Kelly Leak turned into that

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It's only because she wasn't allowed to jerk her dick at little girls in the public locker-room. You freak-a-phobic asshole, you!

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Her dick, I wish the sun would just explode

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It was years ago in a dark part of the internet (2x) I first saw the phrase "Lots of women have a penis." Had no idea how crazy things would get from there.

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It could at least put an end to this absurdity.

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Did you read the article? It says "her penis" at least twice. One is - "her penis was sticking out of her pants" or something. It also says her breast in the same article. And this is mainstream media. :(

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It's bloody real:



And then there are child rapists. But I cannot help but wonder if their modus operandi is not more often to break and destroy as many children as possible, for instance convincing, manipulating, pressuring and forcing them to become transgender, and thus making them much easier targets, though a number of those attacking children indirectly are indeed transgender (recall all the images of transgenders reading books for children...).

See also https://voat.co/v/politics/2671847/13536753 .




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Child abuse is how these fucks reproduce.

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Pretty messed up how they just assume the gender of the prison by calling it a "female prison".

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It should be called "prison" then they can play all the euphemistic games they want. Mix everyone together because everyone is the same.

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This is actually not a bad idea, let them all rape and kill each other, the state doesn't have to pay to kill them or pay to house them for very long, people would actually be afraid to go to jail because it's a death sentence, a quick one too.

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They put a man accused of raping a child and a woman into a prison full of woman. They are surpised he raped a woman in prison. This whole pc sjw culture of see no evil hear no evil speak no evil for their side is outrageous. Blind with arrogance

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They put a man accused of raping a child and a woman into a prison full of woman.

The administrators should be charged as co-conspirators in the rape.

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But it is by design, at least for the (((core))) of these movements. Like how the goal and purpose of communism was to genocide and lay to waste whole countries.

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Im still trying to find a name for this ideogy they follow. Its a combo of sjw democrats and communism thats making everyone dumber as a whole

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What kind of gross "human" could be the only penis in a. Female prison and still not get laid without raping?

In the land of front holes the man with front poles is king.

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I shouldn't be laughing but damn, it's so hillarious.

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We need a new asteroid. Time to reset, we fucked up.

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We should find a way to document our failures so the next sentient species can have a guide book on how not to be... Although that didn't work for us and Orwell's 1984.

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