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The white collar guy has his usmc tats covered.

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Marines arent made for office work. Thats like using your rifle as a shovel; it'll get the job done but thats not why it was made.

Edit: to the supertards thinking im taking a dig at marines Im not. Marines are meant for war; to create a killing machine and then have him go and waste away in an office. Thats the equivalent of having a Rolls and leaving it outside with the windows down and throwing the keys in a field after you just drove it from the showroom.

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Their are plenty of hard ass USMC with office jobs. Shut the fuck up.

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My business partner is an marine vet and you're definitely right. He brings other useful skills to the table though.

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The last UNIX department I worked in before this one was managed by an ex-marine. In an office. But then he was an officer, so perhaps that made some kind of difference.

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I know plenty of marines who've been doing office work. And not the new marines, but old-school marines.

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Some never got that tat. Most of the people I work with have no knowledge of my past. A few fellow vets know, that is about it.

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I keep my head down too. I've got a single moto tat that's always covered.

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You go in right outta highschool?

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You cant avoid playing identity politics because identity is everything.

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They are doing great job not allowing this to exist.

Imagine what would happen if no white man ever bought anything from Nike, never bought a coffee at Starbucks, never voted democrat.

They would eat from our hands but no, most of us is weak and stupid. Me included.

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Too right m8

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Fucking spot on mate.

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lol. responding to a post about division then goes off about "the left is wrong, the right is right" crap

Both sides are bad. Don't identify with either side cause they're both controlled you nutbag.

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How many people are both? I know I consider myself one. Have a respectable office job but also have a few guns at home and am more that capable with any of them.

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LOL@that. I'm the suit and tie office nerd at work with a closet full of firearms at home. Hardly anyone at work even knows.

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Am an Australian working from the office right now, also getting my category A and B weapons licence and have joined a Gun Club as of this year.

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That wasn't the way it was in the 1990's. Too many engineers were all about sticking it to the "union guy" and outsourcing their jobs. I told them then they were fucking themselves too. It's about damn time people started waking up, because we're in this together.

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Both unions and outsourcing serve the interests of (((the establishment))).

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They need to be standing on top of SJW, feminist, trannies e.t.c. corpses as they are the true traitors and not worth compromising the integrity of whatever resistance we form by forgiving them for their very ignorant and fucking idiotic views.


There are armed communists on American soil. Never thought I'd see the day that happened.

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They're jews too, look at that nose. haha

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Definitely. At first he even acts like he's not with them or something too? The unmasked Jew that is.

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You missed out on all that sex and now it's too late. You should just kill yourself.

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your censor box over that one whores tits very effectively hides the reason she was drawn

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I'm sure there's an uncensored version somewhere, but I didn't want to make you guys look at such a thing.

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