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This is one front on which I will cheer on the SJWs.

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This is a ploy to further globalization. On the one hand I get the Talmudic imprecation behind the globalize everyone else bullshit, but on the other the existence of Israel as a jewish state strengthens our position in the long run. Globalizing Israel is islamizing us, Fuck that. I'm not looking forward to having to shovel dead muslims off my path.

It was this kind of activist bullshit that justified the political cronies to erase apartheid in South Africa 25 years ago. My preference is to more isolationism and the persecution of social activists. I want everyone to mind their fucking business. Let israel and palestine pummel each other for all time.

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That theory has a massive gaping maw of a flaw. Israel is not now, and never has been, minding their own business.

They are a criminal corporation formed for the express purpose to be a place for the masses of jewish traitors and war criminals around the world to have a safe place to flee.

The Jews got the USA into WW1 on false pretenses, and are directly responsible for the murder of around a hundred million Christians in communist countries around the world. The founders and main backers of comunism and "globalism" have always been Jews. Also Israel and the jews are indirectly responsible for untold millions of deaths due to wars they started.

Israel as it exists today is exactly as Jesus described it. A den of vipers, a synagog of satan, and naughty no good.

Keep in mind the only group of people Jesus was recorded as being physically violent against was the evil greedy bastard jews turning the temple into a den of thieves.

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https://archive.fo/OOuxx :

'Israel is a racist endeavour': Signs appear across London after Labour accepts full anti-Semitism definition - Europe - Haaretz.com

'Israel Lull in Syria Strikes Is Over, Resuming Military Action Against Iran'

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So uh. Why are the police investigating this? I know they say racist speech is illegal in the UK but... this isn't racist. So... what's the investigation about?
Don't get me wrong I know why they're investigating, but I mean from the bluepilled perspective, this should make no sense.

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I can't imagine a Jew associating with a nigger unless they are his/her boss.