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Tattoos: I could invest this extra 1000 bucks or I can pay some drug addict to scribble on me.

I will never understand some people.

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You also have to think of the multiple laser treatments after when you want to get all of that retarded shit removed.

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Most people will never get them removed because, that will just prove them an idiot.

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Broken. A broken person. So many broken people.

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Probably like ~20% of the population has a very loose grasp on reality. That's a lot of people and now that the internet has everyone on it-- its so much easier for these people to group themselves in with other lunatics. Look at this shit: http://www.salemnews.com/cnhi_network/peta-calls-for--foot-memorial-to-lobsters-that-died/video_7e00ba94-d431-514c-95d0-c3cf00861912.html

Peta cunts want to build A FIVE FOOT TOMBSTONE MEMORIAL for commericial/restaurant lobsters that died in a car wreck. Like of ALL the shit in the world, a fuckin (non-pet) lobster memorial is whats worth spending time/money/energy on, really? These people are completely fucked in the head.

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I was one of those people. I dont know when I came to my senses. I grew up with a single mom, etc. And at 30 I realize all the stupid shit,ive done just because I was following someone or something else. I finally took hold of my own life and started truly living only recently. It makes me upset to see the old me in so many people and they will never know that the things they do arent even thier own ideas or actions. They truly are sheeple.....

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Y'all need to hurry up and deep fry that nigga and stop wasting my goddamned tax dollars.

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Notice the short hair ? How they reject their sexuality, being baby makers ?

The tatoos are the least important.

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I think the tattoos (along iwth hair color, piercings, etc) are all red flags.

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Aposematism. I suggest we start packaging the whole SJW starter-kit as, "Thot/Soyboy Aposematism".

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Believe me, people don't think you belong to the group of the left. Also the people on the left think you're a bunch of faggots. Markings are for slaves, criminals and livestock. Patricians don't have them.

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this is infighting. tattoos are for warriors. the left has appropriated this and stained its honor.

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That's a really good point. People in the military, they have gotten and still get tattoos, it has meaning for them.

But when I see this:




I just think the whole thing has been ruined by these fucking leftist losers.

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You know tattooing is something humans have been doing for millennia

Great. Still looks shit. That's why all the greatest sculpters in history are full of tattoos because it's so aesthetic. Also if you haven't noticed every single surburban tough guy and housewife is getting one, so it sort of looks like a trend to me, not a tradition.

the human animal will always do it to satisfy the same instinctive impulses you all have.

Thinking it looks like rotting flesh? Yea, it looks shit. Any woman especially looks better without a tattoo. Yea, I heard people have the implulse hire people with tattoos over those withou for serious jobs, just instinct, you know, I guess that's why all the really smart and successful elites and others are scrambling to get them.

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Raping and slavery too, doesn't mean is good or right.

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You know tattooing is something humans have been doing for millennia.

So is buttsecks. It's degenerate. And tattoos are uglier than shit. And don't tell me beauty is in the eye of the beholder. People say that when they argue that 400-lb tub-o'-lards are beautiful. Tattoos are the same ugliness as face piercings and earlobe stretching. People who get them think they look badass. They actually look retarded and instead of accentuating beauty they destroy it.

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You know tattooing is something humans have been doing for millennia.

There has always been a self-defacing underclass.

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don't forget... they now dose up on pain killers when getting tats

no longer is the PAIN associated with a tattoo a 'badge of honor'

these cowards want to go right to the 'cred' without putting in anything but their Dads card into the ATM

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Note you're getting downvoted because some milienials got the painkiler and are sad you said that.

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Im calling fake news unless you have a link. Pain Killers will make you bleed and fuck up the tat.

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Why the armpits? I get that she wanted tattoos, but why the armpits? Tattoos are wounds in the skin and the armpit is where a lot of skin flora lives. She is basically asking for an infection. This is galactically stupid.

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You clean tattoos every day for the first few days, and moisturize heavily. It’s possible to keep them clean

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Who's going to see it (or want to) anyway?

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now hump 100 lbs of weapons and gear uphill in the heat tough guy

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Have you ever gotten a tattoo anywhere near your armpit? It’s torture, and with the lines so straight... this girl didn’t budge, honestly good on her

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plus it looks like shit

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I have never gotten a tattoo anywhere. I spent 5 years at sea and didn't get a tattoo. Torture? Ive broken bones and received probably 100 stitches over the years. It might be torture for a chick but I assure its nothing to a truly tough person. I do however consider her judgement to be 3 on a scale of 10.

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You should look into tattoo history. Tattoos have been part of Northern European culture for as long as there have been Nothern Europeans. Guess (((who))) is against tattoos.

The campaign against tattoos is actually Jewish and was imported into European culture, with many other Jewish practices. The Torah specifically forbids tattoos in Leviticus, if I remember correctly. Tattoos have been common on European peoples for as long as there have been European peoples and they are part of our heritage and culture.

With that, I feel there is a historically and culturally right and wrong way to approach tattooing. Tattoos aren't supposed to be some random embellishment that make you 'cool' or 'edgy'. A tattoo is supposed to have some meaning, tell a story or commemorate an event in your life. It's not supposed to be some meaningless, pointless drawing you put on your body.

So, if you lived in China for a few years and that was a part of your life, part of who you are, I can see you getting a tattoo of some Chinese writing that has some meaning to you. But if you just walk to the tattoo shop and pick out the phrase, "Hope" or "Strength" or some other generic whatnot, written in Chinese, and get that tattooed, then you're just a vapid moron.

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You know why the Torah forbids tattos? Because only goyim cattle shall mark themselves like beast with tattos or RFID chips, not the jewsen people. Pure degeneracy,permanently mutilate your skin and showing deep disrespect for your own integrity and purity, in order to use your own skin as a commodity, a dirty wall to use and paint like a worthless object. If you really care for yourself, if you really have esteem for yourself, if you really love yourself, you'll never fall for such stupid mutilations and marks of the beasts.

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Well, there goes any chance of finding a suitable mate to enventually start a family.

Very sad indeed.

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