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Easy fix.

Tiananmen square 1989 Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh Taipei Republic of China

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Hong Kong Number One

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Taiwan is a sovereign state

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Free Tibet

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What does Winnie the Pooh have to do with China?

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I think its an insult they cooked up for their leader.

The same way shitlibs call trump a cheeto, except trump didnt ban the word cheeto

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Everyone thinks he looks like Winnie so he's been banning anything related to the Pooh bear. This is why the movie got ban. http://cbsnews1.cbsistatic.com/hub/i/2017/07/17/fb24bc3d-09a8-4095-ab89-a0eb2d75214f/xi-pooh.jpg

I personally think he looks like a fucked up Jackie Chan but hey, Pooh is way funnier and less badass.

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DUDE STFU...we want Chinese goats...how do you think the CIA gets its intel

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That's just the excuse they use. Really it's how they keep out the propaganda.

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Hey y'all chink niggerfaggots! Won sum fry rice?

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flied lice*

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That's Japan. Chinese can usually do the "r" sound. But they drop the "ed" because mandarin doesn't have declention.

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Koreans, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, the Chinese all different, it might take a while to see it or hear it but when you do you will recognize it. There seem to be a lot of similarity between phrases, food, culture and linguistic sounds of Vietnamese and Cantonese the language around HongKong Guangdong. On religion its weird Korea, Japan, most Chinese and Asia have been weird, some did literally worship Emperors but they are kind of pan-theists, they follow many spirit gods, a mix of other religions but at the same time they are non-religious maybe even atheists for hundreds of of years. It's hard to explain to Westerners but its like having Native American old European pagan spirit gods, throw in some Buddhism, and then put in a history of each of them being ruled by some Commie Fascist Emperor which gives them all their unique Asian hive-mind. I feel most of Asia is not really religious but they follow customs, ceremonies and they are kind of superstitious. One thing Asia always has correct is that islam is fucking bullshit, all Orientals Yellows Asians they fucking hate islam, the religion of islam bans pork, dance, alcohol, pets, musical instruments and even pictures or cartoons. Asians like their Asian food and Asian music so they will hate islamics for this and because most Asian writing is actually based on Picture Ideas or Pictorgrams...to follow islam strictly would mean Asian langauges in Vietnam, Korea, Japan, China...all these langauges would be OUTLAWED in Shaira Law rule because of hanzi; kanji Japanese, hanja deep down Asians know they will always be at war with islam. The Chinese are typically disgusted by the American or Western leftist call them 'Baizuo' it is a derogatory Chinese term like Neo-Liberal or White-Guilt-Moron or Regressive-Left...they understand old Classic Democrats people like Truman, JFK but Chinese do not understand the modern left with its marxists or BLM bullshit. China a fucking communist dictatorship has a better understand of centrist politics and freedom than numbskulls who surrounded Hillary, NATO, Obama etc the Chinese see the Neo-Liberals much the same as the Bush Neo-Cons and they are not far from the truth here, they probably bribed half of both sides. I think China and probably most of Asia, Japan etc sees Trump as a 'hot head' but its like its supposed to be that way, America is supposed to be kind of loud, cowboy attitude in their minds.

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Im married to a chinese and yes you are spot on with all of this

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Free Tibet! Just kidding. No one says that anymore. I bet even less care.

At least we still have the REAL China, Taiwan! Good ol' Kuomintangs.

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Funny lefties are actually are now calling tibetans xenophobic for blocking muslim migrants from enterering tibet. Buddhists even got shit for buying weapons from russia to prepare for an isis invasion.

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Leftists have the memory of a goldfish.

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Taiwan is an independent country!

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That's means were not trying hard enough. COME ON VOAT WE CAN DO THIS!

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Be sure to let them know that ground up niggers cure erectile disfunction.

Two birds with one stone.

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Bathing in jew slurry makes you dick grow.

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Legit wish we could annex Taiwan. Fuck you China

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China must like keeping tabs on the far-right, because they seem them as a front against the American establishment. You would think it would be the other way around with China, but I think most places like Russia and China see our left as limp and that the far-right as a potential fifth-column. Iran is the same way. All these nations have pretty leftist views, except for Russia which is pretty socially/culturally conservative.

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Chinese keep tabs on the far right because the left and establishment cuckservatives are in reality communists allied with the Chinese. Only the far right can fuck over China and be extension global Communisms plans now. We are their greatest threat.

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The Chinese won't be allowed to invest in our companies and buy in them would be all. We would not be dependent on them either. They would still settle down in Africa, but keeping them out of places like Latin America/Caribbean would be key.

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