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As a high-level coder on the Skynet Project, I must say that your lack of closing parentheses is precisely what caused the unpleasantness in that other timeline.

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As a high-level coder on the Skynet


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Why doesn't a nuclear bomb just suddenly appear and explode in a den of evil like this. These are scumbags that believe they know best when in actuality they are sociopaths that need to be locked up for life where that are not a danger to anyone else. Hell those kids acted like they are so smart and shit and if they were smart they'd have had the place blown up instead of attending with these evil bastards.

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You do know that they're actors in a play? Did you not notice the theatre and audience? Hold on - did you actually think this was a real group of people with some sort of power to do what they were saying??

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Are you this naive or just a shill?

Whats the name of the play, oh wise-one? Happen to have a copy of the playbill? Is it "Taming of the Shill?"

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i dont think they have power, but i dont think they are actors. either paid to discuss or they actually want it.

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looks like some kind of really bad play, anyone know the names of the producer writer etc? The first minute was too nauseating, who is the audience all ashkenazi jews?

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Everyone who watches this, be on guard and careful that this wasn't produced to show the world how Poles behave towards Jews when they see them conspiring

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=CqCRFQeqdIs :

(((Globalists))) discuss how to subvert Poland and destroy the Polish people - YouTube

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