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It's a mindset, or lack thereof. Living in the moment without concern for the future, your own or others. Doing what feels good and fuck the consequences.

Funny enough, this is women's default setting, they live geir lives based on emotions. So John Lennons song was true, "women are the nigger of the world".

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i kind of liken it as being nothing but a fucking drain on society around you solely by your own choices.

so 'nigger' might have extended as a word that meant 'black' and had its old perjorative of being subhuman. Thing is, and i know we hate to talk about it, but the way i see it, there are far more white niggers, than there are hard working black folk. You can talk about race mixing being bad and all that and im not even going to steer near that direction in this post but if we can somehow shift this 'nigga' thing so that yeah it does refer to useless pieces of fucking shit like black rappers and white junkies, and you can say it around the normal black folk that work around the normal white folk that arent on websites like this, and the normal black folk will know without a doubt, instantly, and by new defnition, that when hes looking at a healthy black paramedic jamming narcan into some fucken back streek hookers chest, that 'fucking nigger' comment means the half dead junkie and not the dude trying to save the fucking piece of shits life.

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I agree.

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Low IQ, Low Diligence, Low Openness, Low Time Preference, babies beat by single mothers with problems all their own.

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Damn. I must live a boring life, missing out on good times like this. Jealous.

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man you can do this shit and survive without paramedics on a bag of decent weed... ive never understood the whole 'gateway' drug statement.

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This is definitely a symptom of social decay brought about by our inability to control our country and to shape our society in a moral manor because that's "intolerant"