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You mean it's best to use them in the morning while they are still clean?

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They've been pissed on by everyone that uses them.

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Only the best of the best pussy is good enough once you've had the taste of it!

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Don't have sex with prostitutes. It's degenerate.

[–] Yakatonn 3 points -1 points (+2|-3) ago 

Woman by her very nature is a whore. Further she is the biological origins of Communism, social and economic degeneracy in the male population. The slow collapse of Western culture has only been eclipsed by the subversive expanse of a female dominated social economic hierarchy.

Ergo, it would be more accurate to say to remove oneself for the degenerating nature of women.

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Yes! of course

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Read in Cenk Uygurs voice. I imagine if Ana had said the statement he would respond as such.

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Obviously! Bareback one tonight!

[–] Butelczynski 2 points 6 points (+8|-2) ago 

You guys assume all prostitutes are the same dirty,drugged whores . You would be surprised how many are house wifes and students and do very few clients and not full time .Look around and ask sometimes.

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THIS! Not such a problem years ago because the types of women who had to resort to it were easy to spot desperate whores. But now with the economy, the way it is and student debt, (((they))) have turned the vast majority of college women into whores in one generation, and they are clean and not obvious as you put it...

... we need a carfax type system for women. Any woman taking money for sex I want nothing to do with.

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You want info on who women fuck? Create a space for the men fucking them to brag.

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I talked about this with few older guys ( north of 70) and they said that was also the case way back in late 60s and 70. Back then lots of farm girls did run to big cities looking for better life in college's. Some found regular jobs too boring and not paying well . Some things don't change

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Banging a whore is not going to fill the void you crave from having a genuine relationship with a virtuous woman. You will not make her a housewife.

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Not planning to ,just like I'm not planning to make a housewife out of my plumber/electrician/hired worker.

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< virtuous man

< virtuous woman

Don’t exist except in fairy tales. Unless you have your own definition that doesn’t comport with reality.

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Prostitutes are many times more clean because they get regular disease tests. Same with prOn stars.

There are right wing vitrual signalers on voat here who are saying that their trad thots with more diseases than prOn stars are somehow less degenerate.

Also whats with the “all women are whores” incel trope?

Men are fucking these women. Aren’t they whores too? It just sounds very cringy (and homosexual) to debase an entire sex of people just because you had bad experiences (or none at all).

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Speaking of erroneous assumptions: it's not because your SO is not - or never has been - a prostitute that she has seen any less action than the common street worker...

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like using a public toilet

Almost: it's like having sex with a public toilet, except probably riskier.

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the public toilets hole is probably smaller

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Yep. A toilet isn't going to sue you for child support.

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Have you ever heard of a prostitute sueing a john for child support? Genuinely curious.

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Use a public toilet, or shit in the street and wipe with your hand?

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Good point. The SF street shitters are on to something.

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Nah. You can 100% clean a toilet.

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Hep C as a reminder of that special tryst.

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