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You can trust that they will be rigged. Which is why it's so important to go vote and overcome that large number of false votes the way we did to elect Trump.

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If you think they won't be rigged you haven't been paying attention the last 30 years. The ONLY reason Trump is President now is because they underestimated the 20 million vote margin by which he would win.

They are PURE SATANIC EVIL! Importantly however, they are NOT Stupid. Don't expect them to make the same mistake again.

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Correct. I got cognitive dissonance when I finally realized that almost everything I'm told is not true. Voting wouldn't be allowed if it weren't deterministic. That is to say, if the people in power could not determine the outcome, we wouldn't be allowed to vote. Think about that for a moment.

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There are so many people in the US and so many of them are corrupt... sometimes it is not even funny anymore.

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finally someone with some logic and sense.

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Ahhhh, living the dystopian dream.

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More than thirty years. I knew a deacon 20 years ago who had been a freeason... he told us that back in the 60s he and others were tasked with getting names off tombstones and using them for votes. He left the masons when they tried to get him to spit on the cross for his 33rd degree initiation.

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That should at least be a murder or rape.

Letting them off easy in the old days, I see.

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The only answer is to put Soros in charge of the voting machines and Hillary in charge of the election. There is no voter fraud, ask any democrat.

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... trust... elections ...


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When California is blatantly allowing illegals to vote. First normalized them by allowing drivers licenses, then allow them to vote in local elections which is legal. That way it becomes so convoluted voter fraud is all but impossible to figure out.

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You're half correct. Yes they have drivers licenses but they are not registered to vote.

Aliens can vote in San Francisco school board elections, be more worried about the Chinese there.

From the Secretary of State : http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/voting-resources/voting-california/who-can-vote-california/

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Well, I said they were allowed to vote for local issues. School board elections is the "foot in the door". But aside from semantics, I'm worried this will normalize illegals too much to the point, nobody will know who's legal and who isn't. That is the goal of the left. They don't give two shits about illegals, they just want the 10 million votes they can potentially provide

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they will be, thats what all this russian nonsense is about, so when they rig it and get accused they will just say "someone who had russia help them win has the audacity to accuse us of cheating???!! wtf trump is so deranged"

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We can't.

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I used to post on Tumblr, and I just visited my former blog......and most of the youtube videos that I had there were DELETED from YouTube.

I'm mentioning this, because I previously linked to a video where a man who works for the DNC explained how they'd pay minorities and illegals to vote.....and BUS them to multiple polling stations. I wanted to post a link to the video here for this thread, but now I can't.......because the video is GONE.

Note to self: Never post links on Tumblr. In fact, never post on Tumblr at all.

And yes, election tampering and election fraud is RAMPANT. I'm feeling incredibly disgusted right now.

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James O'Keefe / Project Veritas did that on a hidden camera video.

Might be the one you are looking for. Twas a really punchable-faced guy saying they pay the homeless and mentally ill to vote demonrat.

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It wasn't him. It was an older guy wearing glasses. I forget the name of the video.

I'm beginning to fear that posting links to videos (with the "wrong" political narrative) on Tumblr makes them an automatic target for demolition.

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