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LOL. They are still claiming that the OK sign is white supremacist? Wasn't that a 4chan joke?

Seriously, it looks like she is pinching the skin on her arm. Sitting there during that debacle of a "hearing" had to have been nerve-wracking, and to sit still when you are in that situation sometimes requires a way to relieve the tension.

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It was. And it was unironically created to show how gullible the left is. Here we are.

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Wait, white supremacy has gang symbols? WTF happend to the secret handshake???

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Being supreme sounds like the best thing to be!

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If liberals spot a 'nazi' picking his nose

that becomes a white supremacy symbol.

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It's almost satire, that's how low they have to go.

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Gotta watch out for those Jewish-Mexican White Power agitators with their secret hand signs....that only Leftists seem to recognize. (insert Capt. Picard Facepalm Meme pic here)

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Being against the murder of unborn babies somehow equates to white power? WHITE POWER! WHITE POWER!

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Yeah, you know things have gotten bad when they start infighting like this. The thing is that these Mexican-Jewesses can be crypto-White Supremacist in a kind of warped manner. The progressives will probably end up backing these people in the future, because they are not really pro-white.

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Illuminati sure is going downhill fast....

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That is when the NWO-Zionist system steps up. I am not sure how long the NWO lasts, but the Zionist element will be permanent. We are dealing with a very similar crisis as Germany was facing after WWII.

We have a Communist that ascended to power, named Barack Hussein Obama. We had a Sparticist try to get into power, Hilary Clinton. It will go down hill faster than Germany, because Germany was not multi-cultural.

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I don't begrudge people abandoning a sinking ship.

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