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I wish it good luck with its bone marrow transplant!

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Please elaborate, I'm unaware of this particular frappenegro malady?

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Got a question about that, couldn’t they just it from another mixed person?

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I'll say this. Not saying I promote race-mixing, but a person can be Hispanic-white, and be attractive. They can be Asian-white, and be attractive. They can be Arab-white and be attractive. They can even be mixed with some of the lighter skinned, Semitic leaning races of East Africa and come out not being ugly, but no one, literally no one, has come out a mulatto, filth-mutt, and been remotely appealing to the eye. It's like the white skin is a canvas for all the worst features of the nigger proto-human to be painted on, and it's such a sad and evil thing to do to a child. It's worse than circumcision.

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I remember something I saw a few years ago, where someone took photos of "average" looking blacks and Photoshopped their faces to give them fair complexions. They looked terrifyingly unhuman.

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Not saying I promote race-mixing, but a person can be Hispanic-white, and be attractive.

Get out.

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People with black hair and brown eyes ALL look like shit imo.

Don't fucking get me started on curly, animal-like hair.

It's the most generic look I can think of. So I strongly disagree.

it's subjective, but if you want you kid to look part animal, have retarded-level IQ, by all means go ahead.

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There exist exceptions. Pic is a niggerball player Zach Lavine. Before you call me a rabbi, I'm just refuting your point since you said literally no one.

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I think that the worst aspect is that 90% of half breeds like this are black fathers / white mothers. And of course the father takes off at an early age. I have seen many times the half breeds turn into THE biggest shit heads and end up being the ring leaders of the local niggerdom. Interacting with half breeds is almost worse than interacting with ghetto niggers.

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I live near a bunch of mulattoes. I’ll say they usually look a lot better when they mature and get older but they usually are still less attractive then regularly white people

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There it is.

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Hispanics look like this also. They are indigenous american and white spanish mutts.

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Half-breeds are uglier than full-blown niggers

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I consider their awful appearance nature's way of screaming "You're doing the wrong thing, stupid!". That, and their regression to the mean.

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Not really uglier, yard apes are just expected to look that way.

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They are more desirable, though. Half Negroid is always better than full Negroid. However, half Caucasian is an abomination, and is never better than Caucasian.

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That's not true. An old friend of mine who's black married a pale white red head and they have two girls who are adorable. They both have medium tan skin with really bright blue eyes

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Jewish propaganda.

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This should be working as propaganda against interracial relationships.

Get with a nigger and your kid will look like this. That is one ugly motherfucker, even worse than the sheboon mama.

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You're absolutely right, the propaganda works both ways. It's important to encourage it to be interpreted as against race mixing more so than not. Funny enough, the kid is placed in the center.

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Was at the place I get my groceries this weekend and I saw a white woman with her gang of mixed black kids. I couldn't comprehend looking at something that doesn't look like you and feeling familial love. If I was the grandfather I would feel totally detached from them. Like someone else dropped their kids off at my daughters house.

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Dude couldn't find a white woman?

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Paid actor/model. Real wife is white or Asian.

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Actually he's probably a gay model who loves black dick.

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Somehow I didn't even notice that this was an advertisement.

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Real husband*

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I wonder what in the world made Walmart think this ad speaks to its customers?

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Blacks and white trash love Walmart?

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No this is a totally normal representation of America. I can't tell you how many times I've encountered black female/white male couples in the real world. Like, twice in 30 years. Totally common.

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