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it really depended on the tribe, some were just brutal. Others more peaceful.

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Most were quite brutal. It was common practice to kill full tribes in the hundreds of people, raping children and women and enslaving others. These are not peaceful people like they're portrayed.

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All should have been wiped out.

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white people are too benevolent for their own good

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As someone who lives in an area infested with them (used to be one of the nicest areas in the COUNTRY, now it's a slum even compared to the rest of this shitty city) I 100% agree.

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it really depended on the tribe, some were just brutal. Others more peaceful.

Tribes of mostly men will be more dangerous than tribes of mostly women. So one tribe being more aggressive at a particular time would be a time when finding a mate or partner, is harder.

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Yeah right. They were all pagans.

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Claiming that Native Americans owned this place is a sort of ridiculous grouping together of a bunch of people who didn't know each other or were trying to kill each other. It'd be like claiming Europeans owned Europe while ignoring the French, the Germanic groups, the Slavic groups, etc.

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It's just annoying how they are portrayed as a peaceful people simply living off the land and enjoying life. They we're brutal killers who raped women and children and enslaved people. We did conquer them no different than how they were trying to conquer each other. We were just better at it.

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Every group of people conquered, raped, and enslaved others to the best of their ability except Europeans who decided to stop doing it. Such conquering takes a lot of dedication of resources and some tribes were not willing to put a lot into that.

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It'd be like claiming Europeans owned Europe while ignoring the French, the Germanic groups, the Slavic groups, etc.

Yes, white people own Europe. What is so strange about such a concept?

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Before America there was no such thing as "white" people. White and black were American terms used to refer to niggers and people who weren't niggers. Seriously, white included Jews, chinks, Native Americans, etc. Anyone that wasn't a nigger.

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yup... different tribes were more peaceful compared to others... natives would fight against each other(different tribes) before we ever arrived here.

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Even more ridiculous is claiming Asians owned Asia. The sandniggers, streetshitters, Russians, Mongols, chinks, gooks, Japs, etc. all owned Asia.

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White people owned Europe, just like Indians owned the Americas. Not sure what the problem is here. Maybe you desperately want to escape the narrative that your ancestors bravely and violently defeated the savage Indians and conquered their land? If so, perhaps you bought into various Jewish narratives meant to control you.

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they started forest fires for amusement. They waged war with other tribes and tortured captives for amusement. They had no written language and no common language. They had not invented the wheel or a sail. A lot like the natives of the continent of Africa.

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You spit on my ancestors. And you spit on the brave savages who fought them. Because you are a weakling and you are afraid of the narrative of the Jew who rules over you today.

Land is obtained by conquest and kept only through violence and demographics.

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Think you have me confused with someone else

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downvoted for the stupid generalizations

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Go fuck yourself. We stole the fuck out of their land, "fair and square".

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Wasn't their land

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Anyone with half a brain knows that land can't be (((owned))). ;)

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You can compare anyone from the time to the modern day and they would seem immoral. IF that is the standard then there is no point in making the comparison.

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You are actually incorrect. And I'm not comparing the Indians to people of today, they had no morals compared to their white counterparts at that time. Raping and torturing children for example is not something white people did, however, it was commonplace for the Indians.

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"not something white people did".....you have to be delusional. every heinous act committed against a people, has been committed by every race, religion, nationality, etc. to believe otherwise is just disingenuous. now niggers , on the other hand, do, and have done, some fucked up shit that even jews wouldn't touch.

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We didn't steal shit. America won these resources. If the Indians want them back, it's their call to try it but I don't think they'd win...

Also, I'm sure these Indians 'nuked' whatever tribes were around them and won their shit. In theory Indians have never had anything and rightfully so? I dont know, trying to use lib-logic is hard as it's often illogical.

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Noble Savage is a Jewish myth.

For thoroughness: Under the pre-history link on the Noble Savage myth in Wikipedia it links to Michel de Montaigne as a primary source of the idea. From his section on early life: his father's family is thought to have had some degree of Marrano (Spanish and Portuguese Jewish) origins,[9] while his mother, Antoinette López de Villanueva, was a convert to Protestantism.[10] His maternal grandfather, Pedro Lopez,[11] from Zaragoza, was from a wealthy Marrano (Sephardic Jewish) family who had converted to Catholicism

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As is much of what we're taught in school

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Added a footnote for those who think we exaggerate. I almost tire of typing: Every. Fucking. Time.

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