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We shouldn't be so harsh on Nike. I can't think of a single other company that has been such a proponent of letting children learn the value of earning their own money./s

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Why buy a shoe made for walking and running, when your mascott does nothing but kneel.

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Boycott Nike! It would be like boycotting blood diamonds in some sort of weird way. They probably have some Mexican people working on those shoes and as they enslave away Kaerpernick gets to run his stupid mouth about "social justice."

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Mexican People


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As opposed to their black-supremacist or AIDS-riddled spokesmen, who were perfectly respectable.

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just Jew it... Kike

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Nike is trying to start a race war.

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Nope. The media is. Nike is being Nike. They have always been this way. They own Converse, for crying out loud. That's like the official shoe of the college activist.

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The "believe in something even if you sacrifice everything" smells like a dog whistler to act out. Muslims and the dindus.

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Get it. I don't.

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This is not a very shareable meme.

I mean, one, there is a huge waste of space, and two, the X in the upper left is weak.


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Thanks Goat!

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This comment should be +27!!! You retarded faggot sandnigger jews better stop taking screencaps of images on your iDIOTphones and start posting said images. That said, if you are gonna bitch about it you might as well edit the screenshot or find the source image, and include it in your comment. This low quality shit really irks me.

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I was staring at blank space for about 10 seconds waiting for the image to load, before I scrolled down and found it.

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