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Khazers have no claim to Israel.

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Your shitpost makes my dick soft.

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Would they be allowed to leave if given the choice of citizenship in their own independent geographical nation and forfeited any future claims to the area directly touching Judea?

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Agreed. But jews should be treated like vermin.

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How's the weather in israel?

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Disagree, they should be treated well. Edward Said was an interesting man. I think Palestinians are sort of trashy, but does not mean they should be seen as such, but rather they should be protected and kept from Israel's wrath.

Its one of those cases where people who are trashy need to be protected because their trashiness is used against them and basically validate a certain kind of genoicidal mentality towards them. Its very, very unfortunate and should not be happening in the 20th century. Its sort of like how the Nazis treated the Yelishe or even the Slavs.