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That's a sound endorsement of Mel Gibson's new movie.

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God bless Mel Gibson.

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One of my first red pills.

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mel gibson is anti jew media, so no - it won't violate your clause

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If you wanna know who runs Hollywood, buy Mel Gibson a drink.

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Didn't even know he made a new film since I ignore all of hollyjewd. I'll have to check it out.

Edit: Did some research and the movie is called "Dragged across Contrete" and it's directed AND written by Steven Craig Zahler. Sounds like a jew last name to me, so at least now you know. If Mel makes a movie about the Holodomor, then I'll go actually see it.

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Don't forget Jews even sell each other out. Especially when it comes to guys with piles of money like Mel.

Hacksaw Ridge was fantastic.

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Marlow Stern is the author. Stern.

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Someone told me they want us to hate the police and the police to hate the people. So they can use them against us.

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I've noticed this, as well.

When I interact with cops, I go out of my way to treat them like humans and show appreciation for their efforts. They seem to appreciate that approach.

I've had cops reveal to me that they are on edge because they feel that people don't respect them and automatically dislike them.

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It's more dividing and conquering. Since this seems to be the case, as your username says, get me off the planet.

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What's the movie and where can I pay to see it?

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Mel Gibson's movie, Signs, was real good. I wonder if he was talking about some doomsday event where the left tried to trigger a revolution to radicalize the state apparatus and have the multi-cultural alien hordes dictate the system.

Mel Gibson personfies the right-wing man in every single manner. He is no where close to being on the far-right. He's just respectably right-wing and the far-right should look up to him.

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You should watch Scary Movie 3.

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