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That's probably the only time in that fat bitch's life she'll ever actually get nailed.

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Fat chicks get laid all the time.

They just have to be more lascivious to pull it off and hang around more black guys, but either way, chicks of all sizes are sluts and getting laid.

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all women can get laid.

the only ones that cant are the completely fucked in the head trophy wife wannabes who think trophy wives are fat pieces of unemployed shit that laze around the house eating all day getting triggered by shit but still deserve a multimillionaire because hey, women should be worshipped.

and for the first time, because ive had a fucking gutful of her - im going to admit that im related to one. 35 years old, completely fucked in the head, abusive as all fuck at home, and i dont think shes ever gotten laid in her entire life.

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Boomers too

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So it'll be the only time a white guy would willingly fuck her?

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But it says she's fat so it would only be thirsty niggers.

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Whatever you do don't say that in FPH or you'll get around 8 downvoats!

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This post just keeps on giving!

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And then everyone in the courtroom got up and clapped, then the judge and I chest bumped.

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That judges name? ALBERT EINSTEIN.

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That story had a happy ending.

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I came.

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If this is legit, the man is utterly brilliant. Never fight the insane, just exploit them so ruthlessly with cunning that reality hits them like a mack truck.

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i mean, there's fucking pictures

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Pictures of some random person changing a tire, that is it

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Probably fake, if real they can get sued for that spike strip.

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Imagine a world where everyone who had a board with nails in it on their property was sued for it.

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Depends on where you are, but in a lot of places if someone gets hurt by dangerous things without warnings on your property regardless of why they are there, they can sue you for injury. If a robber slips on your wet floor and breaks an ankle you will have less legal trouble if you just shoot and kill them.

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It's an anti-bird spike strip your honor, I swear. Damned birds kept harassing my pet worms. Can you believe those insolent birds?

Obviously Hillary supporters.

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Have no penis, am not male, but totally got goosebumps.

This made my evening

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Every step of this is awesome

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The story is BS but the pictures are real.

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What if the story is real but the pictures are BS, hmm?

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