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Interesting how the lady mentioned putting restrictions on Catholicism and then the guy mentions that putting restrictions on religion could mean that circumcisions may not be allowed in Judaism. To her it was horrible that children were baptised because they can't make a decision at that age but apparently circumcision is perfectly fine.

It's also really disturbing how they talk about making abortion more accessible while also giving citizenship to all Israelis. They are trying to decrease the local population while bringing in more Jews.

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A baby boys foreskin is actually a very valuable commodity. Quite a large number of hormone drugs are made from it, its also used to help make skin grafts. Its also a component in a lot of beauty products where fibroblast cells harvested from foreskin is used to stimulate callogen growth.

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The circumcision point was fucking awsome.. that guy seemee like the only sane person in the room i felt as if he wqs trolling them at some points.. i would have loved to have been there and asked may e if we are going to put percentage limits on groups how about we limit the amount of jews in the polish media and entertainment industries?

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Wow (((they))) shut it down hard. Can't comment or find links for it. But good find

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Good find but extremely disgusting. My day is ruined because of this video. I was in good mood all day but seeing this made more angry than I've been in months. I have no words.

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I can't even get the page to fully load. Almost everything on the page hang.

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I've watched only 5 minutes of that video, and I was absolutely fucking STUNNED at the subversive evil that I witnessed. These lesbians and soyboys were calmly planning the invasion and destruction of Poland. But what was worse, is that they weren't even openly admitting to their evil.....to the fact that they were conspiring to conquer a nation for being too Christian and white.

Who could have ever suspected.....that when the Devil appears, he'd wear the boring faces of bitter lesbians and turbo-cucked soyboys?

Every day, when I become increasingly more aware of (((globalist))) evil......I never cease to be amazed, horrified, and morally outraged by it.

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They want to spread their misery. No happy white countries.

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This discussion could use a live grenade.

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Sir take an up vote, but you need to think bigger how about a 50 gallon drum full of grenades? Im affraid one grenaide would leave one person in that room alive and that one person might detroy poland single handidly if they had the oppritunity.

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I know exactly how you feel. I boggles my mind that there's a panel of soyboys and retarded women discussing in their meeting how exactly to ruing the Polish nation. It's scary.

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Looks like The busy man is Sławomir Sierakowski, others are infestation in universities and among artists.

Sierakowski has a monthly column in the international edition of the New York Times, not so regularly since 2014. but he is traveling a lot.

A year ago, he was a part of a global initiative The Coalition for Democratic Renewal, link is here: http://archive.is/XV6AK and there is a most interesting list of signatories with some high names in my region, namely Stjepan Mesić. But this Maina Kiai from Kenya is even more interesting, since he is a good friend with Obama. https://invidio.us/watch?v=iprcBCgRHlU

I'll be damned, how this pieces of puzzle are finally coming together.

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From reddit, 4 years ago:

There's a movement called The Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland which plans to resettle around 3 million Jews back to Poland, to help in restoring our pre-war demographics and make Hebrew a second official language in Poland.

Here's their website: http://www.jrmip.org/ Here's their manifesto which I made easier to read: image.

I fully support their movement, as I do think their cause is good, Poland used to be a home for around 3 million Jews after all.

Still reading? Good. Then know that the whole thing is an art project and isn't serious (gasp!). One of the less realistic points of their program is: Angela Merkel to sponsor an engineering project that reactivates the Syrian-African continental drift and have >>Israstine<< float in the sea! (Israstine = non-Jewish Israel open for all peoples and cultures to settle in.)

Alternatively, they propose making Israel Polish territory. The mountain may come to Muhammad after all. They managed to make our right-wingers and some media butthurt, (mainly this) which shouted in alarm that Poland will be flooded with immigrants and they will take our homes.

So it's either real or it's an "art project" that's been made to be incredibly realistic so as to cause false outrage which can subsequently be mocked. Lovely.

And isn't "art project" the excuse you use when there aren't any excuses?

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