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Fuck that. We need tough people in the military. Pandering to faggots has gone too far. Push them all back into the closet, lock the door and burn the building down. This pussification has to end now, or it could be the beginning of the end where the commies win and freedom loses without a fight.

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Don't ask Don't tell was honestly the best policy. It kept the flamers out and let the gays who were capable of serving have a chance.

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No way, faggots should be the first wave to run down enemy ammunition and give away positions.

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The military should be hunting faggots down and summarily executing them on the sidewalk.

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I say faggot like 30 times a day...... I want to crush that faggots head in for firing him

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An infantry commander cant say faggot? What the fuck are they supposed to call the corpsman?

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Special Snowflakes?

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So, was his commander a faggot or a woman?

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Bet it was an excuse to fire a white man.

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Wasn't Trump supposed to do something about the faggotry in the military?

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Well, I'm happy we don't have a tranny Army . . .

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Was he fired for saying that, or was he fired because his unit was out of control, with marines busted for underage drinking and vandalism?

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It was an infantry unit. I highly doubt command would give a fuck about underage drinking and vandalism. Its far more likely that a navy officer got mad about gay slurs seeing as how the navy is full of faggots.

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That's like firing a duck for saying quack.

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