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There are three men and constrictors are not speedy snakes. They have nothing to worry about unless they're retarded. They aren't dealing with a crocodile. Fun fact, MOST animals can potentially kill you, making your comment totally worthless without context.

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I'm curious, how many 15 foot constrictors have you fought with in your life?

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I fight with one every day.

If three men get beaten, or worse killed, by a single constrictor, they deserved to die. How many sloths have you fought with in your life? How could that be considered fighting, I hear you ask? Indeed. You know, there's a reason boa constrictors are nocturnal, and anacondas and pythons are amphibious. They need stealth to get their prey if it's of even moderate size. If they were as dangerous as you claim, they could simply hunt like a leopard during the day. An animal usually needs to be caught unawares to fall victim to the snakes of this type. And definitely not when it's against three primates, with good vision, in the middle of the day. Why do you think they had to drag that dog and snake out of the water? Again, it needs stealth to hunt.