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Im glad the dog was OK

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Holy shit I can't believe it survived!

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Not only did the dog survive but it went back for a piece of fuck you for the snake.

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What country was that?

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It had to be...

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That man loves his dog, but really, who doesn't.

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Dogs and humans are bonded forever. We evolved out of the caves and plains and took our wolves with us.

We should never let them down, they are and have been important allies in most of human history.

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I love dogs. Actually I love most domesticated animals. Cats, birbs, fish, ferrets et al.

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Nobody has a fucking knife? Id have had that fuckers head off in less time than it took to drag it out of the water.

Good for them. I hope they cooked it and fed it to the dog.

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Those beat the shit out of the rifling. I'd only use them if the shot was lead.

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A Glock works just fine


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That is the weirdest pistol I've seen. Kinda neat. Fuck that price tag though.

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Derringers used to be carried by old time American cardsharks/gamblers and prostitutes. They're so small they're hard to detect, useful if you want to (hopefully) get out of a bad situation quickly by firing a shot or two.

Famously, John Wilkes Booth used one to kill Abraham Lincoln. Another version was created (FP 45 Liberator) since they're incredibly cheap to produce and dropped in France during WW2 so French resistance forces could assassinate German soldiers and steal their (better) weapons and ammo.

Since it's known as a prostitute/gambler's gun and it has limited capability, they're not very popular guns. I'm actually amused they're being sold as varmint weapons. Cost of manufacture is probably $60-100 (if in the USA/inflation-- maybe like 5 dollars overseas)--- if even that.

Derringers are like 300-500 USD when bought new, but I've never actually seen anyone buy one. I'm sure the novelty wears off quickly unless you're some sort of collector.

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Always carry a knife

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Something we agree on.

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It's really terrifying just exactly how fucked that dog was had the people not jumped in.

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The first thing that vid made me think of was an analogous story about a Mudslime or beaner (take your pick) illegal alien trying to grab a white girl and running into some trouble with local boys who aren’t going to put up with that shit.

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And right here in this fucking thread is some idiot standing up for the snake. You clearly see it is the same. Bravo sir.

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That guys a fuckin kike or something. I already blocked him. I don't have time to argue with morons.

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We had some afghans and iraqis form a gang and came around trying to rob and assault us as teenagers. Long story short one got shot, one got his head caved in with a rock and one got thrown through a businesses window, impaled on the glass and stomped with a pane of glass through his gut. Do NOT allow these scums to get a foothold.

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