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I have a perfect 100% record of paying zero for anything relating to the nfl.

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Says the guy with Marvel T-shirts for everyday of the week

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Try harder.

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The Nigger Felon League ?

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nigger faggot league

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Insinuating us niggerfaggots are the same as the rest of those niggers is insulting.

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Aren’t most niggers faggots?

You are repeating yourself.

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Yeah, I'd like to see you say that to one of the "nigger faggots" in the NFL.

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Way ahead of you fucks. They were dead to me in in 1982.

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What happened then?

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I think I glanced at a game playing on someones television during the '70s.

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Fuck all pro sports tbh.

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you mean having my wife wear the name of another man on her back isnt cool?

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It is in it death throws anyway. Too many other forms of entertainment are taking away viewers. Even when people are "watching" they are on their phones or doing other shit.

Good riddance, over paid shit birds that behave like ingrate children.

But, the black community...fuck that, don't tell people to help, do it...all the millions these fucks have could be used to create jobs in those communities...instead they make their shoes, shirts, headphones, etc in third world shit holes and charge their fans 1000% for that garbage.

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Not to mention they've dragged games out to over three hours! Of those three hours there's only around 15 minutes where the ball is in play. You're basically just watching commercials the entire time.

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Oh my fucking God, stop listening to gay ass soccer fans and that shit. Soccer is 90 minutes of players kicking balls around and flopping with like 3 kicks on goal. American football is supposed to replicate war, the goal is to break the line and advance. I went to an MLS game, went to an NFL game and went to a baseball game, well actually, several. The NFL game was by far the most enjoyment for your money, baseball was second. Baseball can be great when a team gets hot. Soccer is just brutal, there's a reason their fans have to drink so much to watch it.

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the long term threat against the NFL is the numbers of liberal parents no longer letting their kids playing rough sports because they might get hurt.

This reduces the talent pool and eventually the quality of the game declines, etc etc etc.

The NFL finances are fine for now, although they have to address the politcal BS and other things, etc.

The talent drought will continue to hit them harder and harder over the next 20 or so years . . . .

But America's self image needs a macho sport to take its place.

What will that be? Soccer?

I think not . . . but if the demographic shift continues, maybe in 50 years . . . .?

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Not sure why it took Americans so long to figure out the game is bad for your health...reminds me of when people all of a sudden realized how racist the Redskins name was.

I mean, come on, of all the Indian nicknames for teams, this one is actually the worst. But just because some idiot started whining, people all of a sudden realized how bad the name was.

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death throws

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Thanks nigger.

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Skip the NFL, but still hold backyard BBQs where you can serve brats, beer and red pills.

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A buddy of mine bought a knock-off Giants hat from a street vendor in NYC. It's a clear, very bad fake. His thinking is that the money won't go into the league's coffers, and that people will ask him about the hat. That way he can say it's a terrible copy of something that was once very good. Kinda like the NFL.

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Plot twist, it's real but just really fucking ugly.

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Yes. Real in the sense that it's an actual, wearable hat.

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