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Remember, this is the guy that thinks every American is full of worms. I think he has worms in his brain; https://voat.co/v/whatever/2697851

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Gay niggers would rather be sarcastic and dumb, than empowered and informed.

Just had a charitable reading list for you but it said the domains are blocked.

Oh well...Just laugh about it

Meanwhile, you just insinuated that Jews don't own our money, did you not? My post was one sentence. What about that sentence made you feel like you should jump in and turn it into a joke?

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No,currency is just a simple way of making a replaceable credit marker. As long as it's backed by something,it's fine. The jews just turn it into a financial sink hole because they're huge assholes who like to destroy countries and hold us all back.

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Your posture/response of 'No' is gay because your thoughts are gay and add no new light. No one said anything about the merits of currency as a concept; we're talking global Jewish dominance and their mechanisms, not Plato's cave you tween.

I shit on your posture of 'No'. The correct word is 'Yes'.

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The original statement "American Currency is created solely by multinational Jews and that's bullshit!"

American currency was created by the founding fathers as a credit marker. That was backed by gold originally. And even today,the currency is created by the US mint to be a credit maker. It's only when it goes to the jew banks and gets extra debit put on it that it that was see the jewish exploit of the currency.

Thusly,we see your original statement is incorrect. Whether talking about original creation or the minting of new money,it is not created solely by jews. It is simply exploited by jews soon after it's creation. You dumbass.

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Actually, all currency is fiat and flooded to the masses by jewish controlled banks: BIS, IMF, BOE, federal reserve, etc. Wars are started whenever the current system is threatened by a sovereign country that wants to replace a reserve currency with anything else.