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You should watch it the tub while making toast.

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Did you check out movies with Goats?

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I have been on there..... I think watched full metal jaket with you guys..... but the next week it wanted me to install some shit..... I wasnt down with that. and i kinda forgot about it

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Well, you can still go to the cytu.be and see what else is playing...just hit the "home" tab on top left of screen to go to others who are streaming stuff.

And there's a nazi channel usually playing.

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Wat movie is it?

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Maybe people are out enjoying their families and friends on this holiday weekend.

WHat do you want to talk about, goat?

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maybe you are a fucking faggot ? ever thought of that?

fucking whore, you have zero idea who you dealing with

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You sound like the type of person who likes dick.

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Ah, you want to flame war. Sure.

What should i be? Faggot, black, Jew? Go ahead, lambaste away!

Words don't hurt me.

If you want to discuss something in particular, cool. If you want to be entertained, check out the v/guitar Friday night thread - some cool goaters playing some of their own music.

Otherwise, flame away, goat!!!