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i dont like obese but i dont like super skinny..... i like feel soft when i shoot my hot load of of semen into a woman

give dem hips

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man i got banned from FPH for pointing out the difference between the smaller side of a little bit cuddly and the 'little bit cuddly' side of ham planet.

some fat chicks when they get down to the 'slightly larger than dead skinny' range are fucking stunning then take it too far and turn themselves into fuckin wraiths.

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yeah, I learned awhile ago just not to fuck with them.... they are like hornets

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so that us hot normies dont have as much competition.

fat shits that get pregnant must fuck a lot cos i know three different former large ladies who were dumb fucks be told they were gonig to have major issues with pregnancy unless they dropped right down to within at least overweight range.

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Their existence is one small part of the normalization of mental illness in present day society. In addition to that, you couldn’t keep black men away from morbidly obese white women if you used attack dogs, landmines and machine guns.

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Low personal standards, low self confidence creating issues regarding mating competition. Most folks seek prospective mates who cue to them instinctively as healthy, being overweight is an immediate dis-qualifier. Chubby chasers are as mentally damaged as the prospective mates they pursue. They know that a fattie will attract fewer prospects than a lean, fit, and healthy partner. Basically, they've found their niche in the mating game.

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For some, their mom was fat. Conditioning.

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I'm not single but if I were, I'd be a chubby chaser.

I find them attractive. I feel smaller beside a large man. He makes me feel safe. He is strong enough to pick me up. Chubby men are usually easy going. Chubby men are usually not picky about the food you cook for them. I can wear his shirt as a night gown.

On the down side: Their clothes usually have to be special ordered. Wooden steps, decks, and porches require extra bracing and can still bounce when walked on. Furniture will break.

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I think you're wrong. Chubby men are definitely not strong they're just big because they're fat. A chubby man will not protect you because, they will be winded in an emergency situation within 30 seconds. If you look at the old days of the UFC the big chubby men would always be destroyed by men half their weight. There's nothing good about being overweight.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I find chubby men sexy.

UFC must be a sport and I don't watch sports so I'm not familiar with it. Some chubby men are strong. A skinny smoker will be more winded than a chubby nonsmoker.

Chubby men turn my head. I like what I like. 😁

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I'm not a 'chubby chaser' but I am 'equal opportunity'. If they get my dick hard then I'm down. It's all about the whole package. If it works, it works and I'm not gonna second guess it or turn down something that floats my boat because of her dress size.

It's true that most fat chicks are fucking gross. I'm not disputing that. But not all of them are - at least not to my dick and that's what matters. There are also plenty of busted face size 2's out there that I wouldn't touch with a 10' pole.

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Why do scatters, people who literally get off having someone shit on their face exist? Some things cannot be comprehended

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Christ almighty I've never heard of those people. Can't say that I'm surprised though.

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